Antonin Scalia, 1936-2016


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SC Judge Scalia Dead

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Getting political already.

Seen a few mentions of this guy as a potential replacement.


This is a huge deal, and it will be ugly both for the campaign and for the bickering getting a new justice in place.


He died on a hunting trip in TX. Does anyone know where Cheney was?


Except he died in his sleep, in his room.


Cruz has already called to block any nominee Obama suggests.



Well then do we know where Colonel Mustard and Professor Plum were? Was a rope or candlestick involved?


I don’t think that is how that works…

I can't see my replies/likes/likes received totals anymore

Because the best way to honor the legacy of a Justice known for being a “strict Constitutional literalist” is to ignore the part of the Constitution which clearly grants the President the power to appoint Supreme Court justices.


Wouldn’t it be rather overgenerous to assume Cruz understands the workings of the Senate and the Constitution?




The GOP debates tonight should be interesting…


Can Obama nominate himself?



How so? i think it would take a lot more than this to make it interesting. I expect lots of sanctimonious blather about the loss too soon of a great man, blah blah. And I’d bet they’ll “honor” the dead by not saying anything of substance about what this means for a nominee and the future of the Supreme Court.


They’ll only have a few hours of prep. Should increase the chances of extemporaneous airing of fascinating opinions. You never know, they might just go for hagiography.


How about Bill Clinton for SCOTUS?


Eh… meh.



Wasn’t Scalia the most regressive member of the supreme court, by far? Is this even disputed?

Looking forward to actual progress.