Obama reacts to Trump's "radical islam" terminology gripe

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Radical Islam is a political talking point. It’s not a strategy."

Thank you Mr. President, but could you draw it in crayon for the TEAGOP, that way they might understand.


I am waiting for the Trump reaction statement that takes POTUS to task for pausing when he says “Islamic Extremist” and its clearly a sign he is league with The Legion of Doom to decimate the Justice League.


I respect Obama–and many other politicians–for the incredible self-control they exert in not simply screaming into the nearest microphone “Can’t you SEE that this man is an IDIOT??” The temptation to do so must be enormous, especially when Trump’s up there making a mockery of the sort of public service career you spent your whole life building.


Once again the President shows that he’s one of the last remaining adults in the room.


I watched the president give a cool, calm presentation about America’s terrorist situation. When it was over the reporters at ABC were like “OMG! Did you hear how he dissed Trump?” Pitiful.


I’m giving thanks once again that we, as a nation, somehow managed to twice elect a smart, composed leader who is able to articulate the nuances and complexities of the issues without pandering or relying on cliche’d talking points. Even when I have disagreed with his decisions I have never doubted that he carefully considered his options, and tried to remove partisan nonsense from the process.

I first voted in 1972, and Obama is the finest president of my lifetime. He’s going to be tough to top.


They’d simply critisize him for how he held the crayon like a pen instead of whole handing it.


I noticed that (unlike Trump) Obama didn’t say anything about “putting America first”, so therefore he must not be putting America first.

That’s how it works, right?


Sure, Obama hunts them down and kills them, but he calls them the wrong name! And after he kills one with a drone strike, he doesn’t even walk away from the explosion in slow motion while putting on his sunglasses!


People may or may not like Obama but I think nobody can deny that he is both an excellent orator and great statesman.

This speech was really tour de force. I wish someone here in Europe has actually stood up and reminded us about the core values in a similar manner. I believe it is long overdue.

Chapeau, Mr. President!


I have my own dislike of the man’s handling of the country. However i will not deny his ability to get in front of a crowd and present his argument for why he is doing what he does is on point.


This is just the next step in the Conservative Noise Machine playbook. After years of coining phrases in a successful attempt to define “what matters” enough people have finally caught on. So, now that more of us refuse to let them define the world by dictating the terms with which to describe it, they are forced to “teach the controversy” about why people aren’t accepting their rhetoric.


Has anyone seen a transcript? Thanks in advance.


Ah never mind, it’s part of a larger speech. If anyone wants to read it, it’s about the bottom 1/3 of http://time.com/4368733/barack-obama-donald-trump-muslim-ban-orlando-shooting/


[quote=“Chaz1, post:6, topic:79760”]When it was over the reporters at ABC were like “OMG! Did you here how he dissed Trump?”[/quote]The preferred terminology is “blasts” or “destroys”, of course.

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The self-control is impressive, and he can really pack some significance into his pauses.

I do wish he could just say “this entire thing is about me not being racist enough”. Or, I dunno, I’m not an expert politician.

But here’s something that occurred to me in the shower earlier. If Trump did an event where he was taking questions from supporters, what if someone– a plant, for example– asked, “why don’t we intern Muslims like we did with the Japanese in WW2?” And maybe there’d be a couple of people sitting in other parts of the auditorium who would cheer loudly at this (though it’d probably get a cheer anyway). I think there’s a good chance he might say that was a good idea, if people were cheering. Would he still have a shot at the White House if he endorsed literal concentration camps?

Something for a flashmob group to consider, maybe.


Asked and answered already:

Not that we can count on Trump giving a consistent answer to any given question.


President Obama says “Radical Islam is a political talking point. It’s not a strategy.” As a Republican, I can agree with the President’s statement, but of course it’s misleading, and not the point. Ignoring “Radical Islam” (I could also say) is not a strategy either.

The better question is “What purpose to any labels serve, at all?” Of course, there are many answers to this, which will further elucidate all those head-nodders in the comments above (I say this in the sweetest, nicest way possible) as to why including the religious (or quasi-religious) aspect to this is valuable, useful, and important to address.

(Oh–and thanks to all of you kind, thoughtful commenters for your utter shredding [read, “open disparagement”] of us in the other party in the US. R’s are soooo stoopid! You win!! Har…)