Hey, kids! Let's play White Terrorism Bingo


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I am guessing this is about the Colorado shooter. Do you know his motive? I had read that they had a statement from him, but were not planning to release information about either his motive or what weapons he used.


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I think that “terrorism” is generally a daft term. Anything named after feelz is going to be more sensational in the media than more neutral terms. I don’t doubt that there is some racism behind its selective use. But using a dubious term even more often to redress it only creates more problems.




Ooh, that’s another one that didn’t make the list!

When the shooter is brown and Muslim few people take the time to consider all the possible motives. When it’s a white guy who shoots up an abortion clinic a reproductive health clinic we usually hear a chorus of voices cautioning that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions until all the facts are in.

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Is it the alleged perpetrator who says what their ethnicity is? Or is it whatever media venue is shaping the narrative? People seem eager enough to run with the ball based upon mere hearsay.


It was Some Asshole.

Seriously, can’t see any fault with the Some Asshole Initiative.


That’s ossum.


Lee Harvey Jackoff, dicksack, and bucket of whale chum are also good alternatives.


There is/was a video rental store in Boston called Chum Video, but they wouldn’t let me start an account there because I am not Thai. True story!


Don’t get the humor in this at all. Seriously.


Seems unlikely. All the news I’m seeing about him is both calling him a terrorist (not gunman) and they’re all saying he was a strange, reclusive loner. None of the squares match.


Well, he was certainly a gunman, just the same.

I imagine that most people aren’t eager to line up to say that he was the star pupil, or president of their club. They somehow never interview the person who says that they used to joke about murder every weekend.


Or “activists”:

Or “protesters”:


And, as we all know, no matter what the terrorist says and no matter who hears him say it, the “facts” will never be “in.”

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Salafist Terrorism

The problem is that, far too often, the two are conflated. All Islam becomes associated with terrorism and only those connected to Islam can be considered true terrorists.

Well that’s just stupid, so call it out when you see it, but that doesn’t invalidate the justified criticism (of which there is plenty). The failure of the left to properly engage in this leaves it to the right to frame the debate, which is part of what leads to that bigotry in the first place.


I see a Loner square. Anybody else see a Loner square?