Black man stabbed to death in NY. Police: White supremacist killer wanted to kill Black men. That's terror

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Headline suggests that NYPD called this terror. That’s not true.

I have a real issue with the way that “terrorism” is used these days. From an international law perspective, it has a narrow meaning; it’s an attack against civilians intended to intimidate or coerce a government or civilian population. It does not apply to combatants or even to government facilities that could be considered as furthering a military mission. It is often trotted out when talking about attacks against military or security forces, but that’s a misapplication. In those cases it’s only the asymmetry of the attack that defines it as terrorism.

But this, THIS is terrorism. Domestic, racially based, terrorism. And somebody needs to start calling it that.


Wonder what made this scum bag feel he could just go around killing US citizens of color?

[sadly note the sarcasm]


Use your words.


If nothing else is sure as hell is a hate crime.


Wasn’t electing ⊥rump enough of a statement?


Uh, did you miss the memo? It’s only called “terrorism” when brown people do it. Duh…


I had a lot of trouble figuring out who said what to whom in this article. My first read-through suggested that the NYC police were trying to recruit white supremacists to kill black people, which seemed unlikely. Then I couldn’t figure out who said “I’m the one you’re looking for”. The way it was written initially made me think Chief Aubrey said it. Gah. Garden-path sentences everywhere.



Well, more specifically, Muslims. They’re the current “common enemy,” as Chomsky and Herman put it. White supremacists don’t fit that narrative.

Scary how easy it’s been to lead so many westerners around by the nose with that narrative. And of course, scary how few see the way it’s used to delegitimize and even obliterate most questioning that anyone would do of western actions in so many predominantly Arab countries.


While I don’t disagree with you from the perspective (I think) of “someone who has a clue,” don’t forget that the Irish and Italians were subject to very similar narratives not too long ago. Think about how silly that sounds these days.

So the fact that a group that practices a more considerably different religion (than Catholicism to Protestantism), often is more easily ethnically identifiable (they aren’t commonly white folks), sometimes dresses very differently, and has some significant offshoots that are legitimately virulent and quite well-entrenched (see: Saudi Arabia) is being targeted as a scapegoat? Really doesn’t surprise me that people get sucked into it – but again, only from the perspective of historical norms, and recent ones at that, not that of a “reasonable person.”


Shortly after 9/11, one of the centre-left MPs here read out a speech in Parliament.

It talked about how a group of immigrants were refusing to assimilate, owed their allegiance to foreign religious leaders, were abusive to women and ran secret terrorist training camps in the mountains. It argued that these un-Australian traitors should all be rounded up and deported.

It was a verbatim transcript of another speech given in Parliament eighty years earlier. It was, of course, referring to the Irish.


Did you hear about this?


This guy was the literal manifestation of all the sexual humiliation and racial animus behind the “cuck!” epithet. He wanted to kill black men because he couldn’t stand that some white women wanted to get with them. He probably got dumped by a woman for a black guy and has been stewing over it for a decade.


That’s why it’s so tempting for me to call them cucks right back. And have the impulse to abuse the term.

I try really hard not to. Because making conservatives feel bad isn’t my goal. My goal is at least some economic equity, because equity is directly linked to quality of life for everyone. Making abusers feel bad and unwelcome is just gravy.


Statement my arse.

This asshole wanted attention. Even BB embeds the footage. He got attention.

The majority of Trump voters also wanted attention, but I reckon they also wanted change THEY could believe in. They probably got change, but I doubt the change will turn out the one they believed they would get.

However, I think it’s important not to compare voters to terrorists. Not that you did, but someone reading this might.

Well it looks like we have an organized socks here.

What happen to the black person that was murdered is terrorism.

How that statement can be considered offensive is ridiculous but you folks are just playing a game.

OK, socky.

And it was terrorism. Of course you would find calling terrorism terrorism offensive.

That’s Mr. Socko to you. Well, not THE Mr Socko. But Foley Is God. :slight_smile:

Anyway, who’s got time for two accounts. I waste enough bloody time on this one. :laughing:

Ohhhhkay then. :confused:


Let’s call it what it is, White Terrorism.

That was the speech that was considered offensive. No amount of cute gifs is going to cover that up.

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