TOM THE DANCING BUG: Meet ISIS's Newest Recruits

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“No Ladies Please”

Awesomely done sir!


I am sure they could do what the Saudis did for Margaret Thatcher and make people like Anne Coulter honorary men.


She is the best Tom Petty impersonator, ever.


Nicely done but I’m pretty sure these guys were all members before the attacks in Paris. Recent events didn’t change their core beliefs but rather made them think their core beliefs sound less insane.

@Papasan As a Tom Petty fan I must ask you to take that back. And I won’t back down!




Can you imagine being this afraid all the time? I imagine some of these candidates aren’t actually afraid of Muslims (Carson might), they are paying lip service to “the base.” But they are afraid of losing (Jeb, Marco). Or of being ignored (Trump). Every day, afraid.

This is the tax that Ailes and the neoconservative movement has imposed over the last twenty years. A constant fearmongering sucking the life out of everyone. For what? Money? Ego? It’s the saddest thing.


A lot more than the last 20 years. The Right does it all the time.
One of the reasons that Britain entered WW1 was that the Right stirred up fear that the Germans were planning to outbuild the Royal Navy and so take over the British Empire. In fact this was not the case. I am sure there are many other historical examples.


Not the case my butt. Being a friendly ally with the Nazi’s in the hopes of not being invaded wouldn’t exactly work out well for them too long. Just look how it worked out for Russia…

Wrong war. WW1 was the war between the various Saxe-Coburg-Gotha relatives, no Nazis involved. Britain as a whole dithered for some time on which side if any to support; it was Grey who was fanatically pro-France and got us into a completely unnecessary war.


You should see some of the posts on the FB group from my hometown. “Japan isn’t accepting any Muslims!” “All Muslims are terrorists!” “Islam is a religion of hate!” No matter that no one in this group has ever actually met a Muslim. Christians - *their *brand of Christians - are the only ones who matter in this here 'murrica.


Pure brilliance!

Don’t like it? Don’t come around here no more.


I’m getting a whole bunch of “why aren’t those muslims going to other muslim countries, like Saudi Arabia?!” which convieniently forgets that
a) Jordan has gone above and beyond accepting refugees from Syria, doing FAR more than most (any?) western countries to help, and
b) Saudi Arabia is a shithole. It might be slightly less shitty than Syria, but offering that as an alternative really is a frying pan/fire situation.


Aha, but this is a game for the whole family!

Do you think most of the Middle East’s problems are caused by Western interference?
Are you convinced that democracy is broken?
Do you think that capitalism is corrupt?
Is “Christianity” synonymous with hypocrisy and oppression in your thinking?
Do you see disrespect and offence toward Muslims as something that needs to be penalised?

Then you too might be able to join Daesh.
Maybe ISIS is a force that can bring us all together (before they behead us).

Whoops. I thought he wrote WW2 xD


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Most of the problems in the middle east are caused by western interference - not to say they wouldn’t have done a fine job of making problems of their own had we not gone in there to mess things up, we’ll never know.

Democracy is a very corruptible system that needs a good deal of vigilance to maintain and my observation of English speaking countries is that we aren’t really doing that maintenance.

The evidence shows us that under capitalism wealth accumulates in the hands of the wealthy at a faster than wealth is created, and therefore the end state of capitalism is some kind of neo-feudalism. We need to address this problem rather than continuing to allow a small number of people to amass power.

Christianity… how many people are answering yes to this one? It sounds like a caricature of those who observe that the English speaking world obnoxiously pushes Christian cultural traditions on everybody.

I don’t see why disrespect towards Muslims as a group should be regarded any higher than the same kind of disrespect towards Christians or Jews would be. “Penalized” is a word that appears to be intentionally broad, so that I might say “yes” because I wouldn’t want to spend time with someone who carries on about the bad Muslims, but then that “yes” could be interpreted as meaning I am calling for criminal penalties.

But in the end I’m pretty sure I’m not a fit candidate for joining any group that thinks war is a good way to advance its agenda. That much more than any of these other issues is what joins the people portrayed in the comic with violent expansionists from the middle east.


As a Jewish person living in the USA, it took me close to 30 years of experiencing constant marginalization, micro-aggressions and macro-aggressions to realize that there is such a thing as a non-hypocritical, open-minded Christian in this country. They just don’t scream about their Christianity in everyone’s faces, but, instead, truly practice what their book preaches.


You have my sympathy.
To be fair, though, in the US and elsewhere it’s basically all minorities that get the treatment. About the only minority (for this purpose treating women as a minority) that used to pass the golf club test is the red-haired one.