? ❓ ⚛ Questions. Questions? QUESTIONS!? ⚛ ❓?


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The Questions Thread is dead!
Long live the Questions Thread!


Care to pose a question?

Explain It Like I'm Five (ELI5) Thread
What’s heavier, a kilogram of steel or a kilogram of feathers?
I found a locked safe hidden at the back of a closet in my new house
Da Musicz
White Americans abandoned democracy and embraced authoritarianism when they realized brown people would soon outvote them
Transparency - changes to the BBS
The Great Big BBS Political Opinion Poll!
The glorious inelegance of the 1990s family computer
White Starbucks customer rants on "discrimination" slowing his order

How many posts would you say this game supports?


Would 10,000 be a good guess?


Who would turn their nose up at a first-order approximation?


Am I going to get in on the ground floor here (so to speak) so I never have to read 15,000+ messages ever again?


Will you all let me have last post if I play this game again?


How will you ever be able to read 15,000 comments in one thread again?

Will Questions 2 suffer from sequel syndrome? Does it have the blessing of the creator of the original?


Did I overstep?


Isn’t it his fault for not having DRM?


Is @monkeyoh the benevolent thread dictator now?


Does that depend on the definition of “benevolent”, or “dictator”?


Doesn’t the previous thread count as prior art?

Who owns the IP to things we post on the BBS, anyway? Should I check the ToS?


Can anyone here actually do the Electric Boogaloo?


What good is IP when THOSE AMONG US steal jokes from here and posts them on twitter without attribution?


Don’t I normally do it the other way?


Wait, your jokes don’t come from Reddit?


Will we ever convince the keepers of the BBS to unlock the original thread? Should we make new comers read the previous threads?


Why wouldn’t they want to?

Since it’s locked down now, couldn’t we commission a print run of Volume 1?


Did you know that Where’s Waldo puzzle’s way too easy?


How else are we going to indoctrinate noobs like Melizmatic to the hivemind?