? ❓ ⚛ Questions. Questions? QUESTIONS!? ⚛ ❓?


Is resistance “futile”?

And do I get some cool body modifications?


Only if you make them yourself… are you a making sort?


Could you tell us only the good things that come to mind when considering the phrase: “The Lounge?”


Original post closed because it reached 10000 posts, yet the counter says ~19k posts.

Is Discourse just confused?

ETA: Read all the other threads on this. I am all up to speed now. Are you?


Haven’t they been discussing what to do about it on their internal chat for the last 9,000 questions?


Oh we passed 10K long ago… wouldn’t they pick a Tuesday to implement limits on thread length? Are we beginning to think they just want to kill our fun?




“The Lounge” makes me wonder if I’ll ever be accomplished enough to make Regular?


Or at least until the next unannounced update?


Can I say I sing think you’ll ever have to read even 10,001 messages again? (Because then they’d be chat… uh… cheers? What’s an atomic portion of a chat?)


If you do, won’t you be amazed at the contents of The Lounge topics? Don’t we save all our witticisms and magnificent bursts of brilliance for there, away from the proletariat? Don’t we talk about you there ALL THE TIME???

Is the answer to all those questions “no”?


Oh, I am soooo f#@&3d, aren’t I?


I can always dream, can’t I?


Rough day, sorry about that, eh?

Hey @monkeyoh on your new Questions Thread do we still Donald or is there a new rule? What say you about non-interrogative text under a line?


Cory Doctorow Enterprises, a fully-owned subsidiary of Disneycorp-Straylight, GmbH?


Chunks? Chatty chunks? Chunks of chat?


Do I still think it’s sour grapes from when we mocked their 5-person scripted-effort to hit 2,000 posts?


Do I regret joking about the future limits just a week or so ago?


Should it be put up for a vote?


What kind of benevolent dictator would you be if you didn’t decide for us?