We're Getting 'the Banned' Back Together


@Melizmatic, your friends have set up this topic to discuss ways in which we can help you work out the issues that have led to your repeated bannings. This is a brainstorming session - no ideas are off the table.


Okay, is everyone here? Quiet now. Masks on.
@chgoliz, get the lights. @OtherMichael, stop giggling.
All together 3, 2, 1…


Wait, are we supposed to be here? I thought we were meeting in the Cake thread!


Welcome back, Melz!


That was quick. Are we? Now I can’t find it.


I’m ready! Let’s PARTAY!!!


I bought cake! Just like I promised.


Um… hi everyone?

Thanks for the warm welcome back.

All I can say is that for my part, I’ve decided to limit my comments to the lounge, benign posts like my cake thread, and vacuous content which would be difficult to start arguments over.

Of course, my Gram used to say that I could piss some people off just by breathing (my mom being the usual PO’d person in question)… so there are no guarantees.

But I’ll do my best to ‘tread lightly’ and stay “out of trouble.”


More cake!

Now it’s time to kick it!


The lounge has replaced all my once meaningful relationships. Only took a couple months.


While I don’t avoid some topics I have learned not to comment in some simply because that way lies madness and probably banning.
I pretty much have only ever flagged egregious trolls and will still do that.

I even resisted the urge to be snarky to Max last night… just not worth the effort.



Taking bets folks, I call three days before the next troll gets taken down… :wink:


It can have that effect on a person; I understand.[quote=“TobinL, post:13, topic:87850”]
While I don’t avoid some topics

I think I don’t have much choice at this point.

@ Action Abe;

At best, you can expect to see a lot of ‘Nope’ imagery from me… maybe.




I’m late as usual, but welcome back!

I should have brought cake. Or booze. Or both.





It’s always fruitcake season somewhere


You have far more willpower than I do.