Shall we try this again? Questions to be asked?


Can we keep it going this time?
@Melizmatic @teknocholer @Auld_Lang_Syne @Mindysan33 can you think of anyone else I should invite?


I’m always game, aren’t I?


Why not give it a shot?


But a shot of what? Would you say this thread calls for tequila?


When is it ever not time for shots?


When I am at work? Actually that is a good time some days isn’t it?


Do you need a designated driver?


Are you offering? Isn’t a good thing I have transit pass?


Is there a cover charge here? Can anyone come in?


Can’t I be responsible, just this once?


Whose party is this?


Can one be responsible in this thread?


Isn’t responsibility an illusion? Can’t we just let it all go sometimes?

ETA: Also, are philosophical queries allowed?


Doesn’t any sufficiently long questions thread become indistinguishable from philosophy?


Can we even be sure that it is a party? Have you heard all life’s a stage? Are we merely players?




Which is better, to be responsible, or to be responsive?


Why not both?


Is both good? Or, getting and spending, do we lay waste our powers?


Et tu, Faffenreffer?