White Starbucks customer rants on "discrimination" slowing his order

Well, that’s a different story… :slight_smile:


If it does turn out this guy is mentally ill, how many here will retract their venom?

Not me. Mental illness is no excuse.


I’m mentally ill, to a degree sufficient to destroy my academic career and keep me largely housebound for the last several years.

If I behaved like the guy in the video, I would expect and deserve condemnation. And I would owe the staff and customers at that Starbucks a grovelling apology.

Mental illness is not a license to be an arse.


Um… hardly?


The whole “living there” thing is a bigger turnoff. Visiting family is much nicer.

Nice conflation of mental illness with racism, it does the mentally ill no favors to give such excuses to hatred.

Violent hatred no less considering the domestic abuse and restraining orders, but you have a history of excusing violent hatemongers (because they don’t bother you where you live?)


I freely admit that I believe that even the worst among us can grow and repent of bad behavior. Even those where I live who cause me grief or threaten my life.

But he hasn’t grown from assault upon the women in his life, you’re cheering him on now as he is and not how he could be.

Your person isn’t in danger from these folks, but ours is.


the questions threads are actually good candidates for the most commented topic ; )


Or for the Boing category any bicycle vs. cars/political threads.


Yes, but they have to be willing to repent and grow. And they still have to ask for forgiveness from the ones that they personally wronged. You can’t bestow forgiveness on behalf of another one that has been wronged, if I recall my Gemera correctly.


You can sort the BBS by the ‘replies’ column to see the all time top ones. The questions thread that hit the post limit is obviously at the top. Of things in ‘boing’ Beschizza’s safe thread has the most comments - he re-opened it for updates allowing it to grow forever. The next longest ‘boing’ threads are a Brexit and a GG one.

I hadn’t quite realized just how epically long the Kemetic Jesus thread was compared to most, though I guess I should have known. That was my fault to some degree. Sorry all.


nah. it was amusing while it lasted if a bit confusing. i wonder if our poster for that thread would still be around if the election went the other way?


That wasnt my intent, my question before was purely rhetorical.

Those are some strange words you put in my mouth. I think I’m done replying to you. You win the internet.

Stovetop expresso. No waste product, no moving parts, easy cleanup & the worst that can happen is a ruined replaceable gasket ring. Theoretically the gaskets “go bad” but I’ve found with daily use, each can last for years.

On first try, some people don’t like it. These are the issues I’ve encountered:

  • At first, there can be a rubbery taste. The fix to that is to first boil a new gasket ring in water, then install it, run the maker once with water, once with coffee, discard and you’re all set.
  • Even if stainless steel, there is some possibility of rust at the bottom especially if you drink and go on in the morning and empty at night. I’ve taken up the suggestion to put grounds directly into the reservoir and boil them down to burn in a protective surface, and it works.
  • After 10 years of use, the missus managed to break the handle. This is from using the handle as leverage when unscrewing it. Best to only turn it at the main cylinder.

Between making it for me and family, I make 16 lattes a week. We’d never buy at Starbucks but if we had that dedication it would be @$80/week with tax and tip. I say this only to justify the replacement purchase, Alessi 9090 by Richard Sapper 6/3 cups, for about twice that. It has a wider base (less tipsy on some modern gas burning stoves) and a brilliant design on the upper portion where instead of a screw design, it’s a pop-top via a hinged handle. About 90 runs (and what could have been $1K in star bucks) later, no problems with this hinge system.

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When I first got an Alessi, I didn’t like it, because it wasn’t the same as the espresso I was used to. When I realized that the stuff that comes from these pots is somewhere in between drip coffee and pressurized espresso – “moka pot coffee” I’ve heard it called – I got to like it quite a lot.


White Starbucks customer rants on “discrimination”, slowing his order

there, fixed it


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