How a jerk scams a free quadruple espresso at Starbucks 365 days a year

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Assholes be assholes.
And since what he’s doing is clearly outside the rules, I’d tell to go and fuck himself.

Maybe this is why I’m not in charge of customer-facing interactions?


Why is this guy a jerk (don’t get me wrong, he is!) but LifeHackers are clever wizards who have learned how to hack the Code of the World?

I see “LifeHacks” on BoingBoing often enough, showing you how to game various corporate systems for fun and profit… but it almost always comes down to making another low-wage human miserable, doesn’t it?


well perhaps the heavy cream will shorten his lifespan, still doesn’t it cost money to buy 365 gift cards?


Take it as a discount, tip the barrista then joke about it. Keep doing this and you risk ruining it for everyone else and an extra shot of Urnex in that cup.


Doesn’t that mean that the guy has committed 364 acts of fraud?

Just to add, at $6.50 each that is a total of $2,366 in losses.


Having worked at different coffee shops and also retail customer service i think the problem with this particular customer is actually the management of the Starbucks not stepping in. It’s clearly a scam and abuse of the rules, and can be easily remedied by simply asking to see proof of the customer’s birthday. If an excuse is given then the management can simply just deny the free drink and let him know that they can deny service to him.

So yeah this guy is using a workaround for free drinks but it’s actually a non-issue that just hasn’t been addressed by those in charge.


I’m not sure if you need to have any money on a SB card to add it to your app. If you do, I believe the minimum topup is $5. You probably have to have money on the card to claim your birthday drink, at any rate. So that’s an initial outlay of $1825. If this story is even true in the first place.


These scams, they work so good as long as you have the right apparent socio-economic standing. Attempting this with a hispanic appearance and a t-shirt covered in grass clippings is more likely to get you a few days stay at your local jail.


There are people who resent the idea of somebody else getting something free. Sometimes this gets out of hand, with the need to grab as much of their own free stuff as possible. It’s not just this one Starbucks dude. I used to do taxes, and there was always one person who came up with a bogus complaint, because they wanted a free tax return. And yea, it always seems to end up coming out of the smallest paycheck, not out of the profits.

Wasn’t there a guy last month making a career out of dine-n-dash?

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This is your personality.

This is your personality on Soylent.

Any questions?


This is why we can’t have nice things.


Who the fuck orders an Iced Quad Venti Vanilla White Mocha with heavy cream and can say with a straight face that they can tell the difference between a long espresso shot and a short one?

Pretentious assholes are the worst kind of asshole.


this is a drink for people that have no taste buds other than the sweet receptor left. Ugh


In this day and age, one must dress for excess.

He’s employing good old fashioned social engineering. He’s blatantly manipulating Starbucks system, and with a drink like that? Screwing with the barista. Management should have shut him down. He’d have to go to different stores to get the free birthday drink, so I’m betting he would have been shut down with that nonsense if it happened a couple of times, but he moves on like a scam artist, so his victims don’t get wise.


Because in most cases you can optimize customer support interactions without being a shitty person. Some “life hacks” aren’t much different than what he does, but the majority seem dumb wastes of time without making the employees miserable.

Though as mentioned earlier, this sounds like a made-up horror story to impress others. Thanks, internet.


Why the hell does the barista obey his instructions about “how to ring it up”???
Can I go to McDonalds and tell them to ring my full combo as just the fries?


I guarantee he gets decaf most days.


Is that what we’re calling spit these days?