TV: Lobbyist claims Monsanto Roundup ingredient Glyphosate is safe to drink, then refuses to drink it




Hasn’t that lobbyist ever seen the movie Erin Brockovich? You would think that would be in the lobbyist defending-a-big-corporation-against-accusations-about-the-health-hazards orientation package.


This guy was an idiot to say such a thing, because obviously, people are going to pounce all over him for it.

But the idea that this somehow proves something about glyphosate is silly.

I mean, I use eco-friendly dish soaps, and I buy organic produce at farmer’s markets, but if anybody said to me “If this eco-friendly product is so safe, why don’t you eat/drink it?” I would say no too, and I suspect anybody reading this would as well.


Should have brought his daughter along.


Would you wash your skin and hair with glyphosate every day, then?


OK, but you’re not going around saying that it is literally safe to drink a quart of something you’re not actually going to drink.

You are right, though, that is says more about his asshole and Monsanto PR than it does about roundup itself.


Are you deliberately missing the point?

Glyphosate may not be safe, but a person’s willingness (or not) to drink it establishes nothing. And there are a lot of things that you probably could drink relatively safely (gasoline for example) which I definitely would not drink.

Also, if a guy was trying to prove that a substance was toxic, even if that substance was known to be safe I still would not take a glass of it from him


Yes, Moore is an ass, but the interviewer clearly thinks that being marginally clever is a substitute for engaging in actual journalism.


I think you might have missed the point of what kat2cats was saying. She’s not claiming glyphosate is safe. She’s saying that just because he didn’t drink it, doesn’t prove it’s dangerous. Manure is a great organic fertilizer, but most people wouldn’t consider a refusal to eat it as some sort of proof that it’s “dangerous”.


Reminds me of that classic Simpsons episode.




Context from Wikipedia

He (John Gummer) had responsibility for food safety during the mad cow disease epidemic in 1989–90 which eventually claimed 176 UK lives. At the height of the crisis, he attempted to calm the public by trying to persuade his four-year-old daughter to eat a beefburger.


REPORTER (on phone): Here’s you’re headline, Phil: “Burns Can’t Swallow Own Story”.


Except in your scenario the when buying eco-friendly dish soap the retailer said you could drink it. So then this would be suspect indeed


If you claim something that people think is dangerous is safe to eat, you’ve got to back that up.


“Glyphosate may not be safe”

Now you are missing the point. I had a quart of glyphosate with some fava beans and a nice Chianti and it was delicious.


Dihydrogen monoxide is as safe as it gets, you can drink gallons of it without any harm.

“Well, I have a few gallons here for you to drink right now…”


Sorry, but you totally lost all credibility with me at this point.


Well I was drinking glyphosate back when it was still being served with fava and amarone.

I actually tried to edit the gratuitously hostile first line of my post, but I keep getting

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Cancer doesn’t generally work that fast. How many follow-up studies checked to see if the Roundup-drinkers had a higher rate of cancer diagnoses over the long term?