White Starbucks customer rants on "discrimination" slowing his order


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/11/17/white-starbucks-customer-think.html


Something tells me that gentleman thinks that he lives in a world that’s chock full of assholes…


I’m white and I didn’t get something when I wanted it. This is how you made me vote for Trump!


It does take a lot less time to make if you order it black.


We already understand you prefer horizontally recorded video of racists. Thanks!

Personally, I’d really prefer horizontally recorded videos of cats.

Not because I want to ignore how racist asshats have decided that they can now comfortably come out of the woodwork and survive the judgement of society… but because cats.


If this kind of tantrum can get you the presidency, it should work for coffee too.


Grrrrrrr! (because Christ, what an asshole doesn’t even come within the same galaxy)

This really needed a “fat-shaming at McDonald’s” style ending (because I think it would be so much better with a hot coffee).





Uh, what?


Got damn, Trump needs to get his little snowflakes under control. They can’t be throwing fits like that, it’s embarrassing to everyone who’s watching


Well at least this time, unlike the Subway customer, someone called him out on his asshole behavior.


Something tells me that he knows that he does.


Trollstation did a “social experiment” where an actress calls out an actor in McDonald’s for being fat on their food. The ending shows her getting an entire fountain drink poured over her head.


Wow. I didn’t know God could stack shit that high.



He/She did it before and painted it orange and put a dead guinea pig at the top!


Wait until he finds out the color of his coffee.


I can tell you right now that when I worked customer service jobs I 100% discriminated in my treatment of customers like this.

What? No, not against white people. Against assholes.


From here on, to “cry white male victimhood” is known as
"Play(s/ed/ing) the Trump Card"