Do You Want to Post Something Off-Topic and Thus Get a Sutherland?


teh rules:

  1. obey the rules
  2. Post Off-Topic
  3. Somebody else will “give you a Sutherland*”

* “to give [so,sg] a Sutherland”, despite what you may read on UrbanDictionary, is the act of posting a picture of (Donald) Sutherland when The Rules Have Been Broken.


N.B.: this image is illustrative, and not prescriptive for Sutherlands, the kind of which many there are.

Did you ever want to play questions?

I really really want his finger to follow my mouse the the whale does…


on-topic; no sutherland



You know what’s getting old? Random people still attempting to claim that the US civil war was about anything other than ending slavery.

Am I ?


Am I doing this correct?
Or does it not have to be in the form of a question?


Does anybody else read @gyrofrog 's name as gyNofrog? I do. Every. Time.


Is the “Fail Whale” still a thing or did some Corporate Nazi kill it off?



It goes like this:

But then again, it doesn’t.


I thought the Japanese harvested it for food science?


“Success Loch Ness”


How the hell am I supposed to post off topic if I don’t know what the topic is?


This is the topic.



I think we’re starting a topic. Better knock it off man…


Are you supposed to put the cotton back in the bottle once you take a pill out?


At least it isn’t an ethos, man.



Is Hot Topic ever on topic?