First Mention


Surely this isn’t a new badge?

BTW, the mention in question was deleted.


@OtherMichael but I was trying to mention if I was allowed to loan your stallion and the shiny armor…


@codinghorror Badges really don’t add anything to the experience.


@OtherMichael, isn’t it too bad you couldn’t post that in the questions thread?


I’m not really sure. Maybe for new users some badges can give a hint to more interaction. This is maybe one.
From the other side, is a badge an acknowledgement or a reward? Quete a difference.


I just thought this particular badge already existed.

If so, why would I be re-issued one?

If not, then I don’t really have a question.


I just got one thanks to mentioning you and your stallion.
How’s with the stallion?
And I’m afraid you are right about not having questions.


@codinghorror why add this badge? Was it @beschizza’s idea? Are there second and third mention badges too?


Hey, I totally understand this one for new users.

My question is – is this really new?


Yes yes, you made your position quite clear in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.


@Brainspore: I feel like there should be an ‘obvious joke is obvious’ badge. :wink:


@OtherMichael: I seems like @codinghorror decided you were having too much fun with making games, and decided to make his own, but with badges.


ooooh. I rather like that idea!


Change the category this thread is in?


User-generated badges?


Yeah this is a new user badge, not too interesting to regulars. The bronze badges are ways for new visitors to get rewarded for doing the sort of discussion-y things that make discussions better and generally make them productive members of the community, e.g.:

The silver and gold ones would be more interesting to regulars.

And of course, badges can be ignored entirely. They are optional elements, but for those that seek them out as side quests, they can teach you stuff about how Discourse works, e.g.


See @OtherMichael, sometimes I DO know what the :maple_leaf: I’m talking aboot!

Sorry, @codinghorror , you’re just a pawn in the game now.


@jlw BUT I GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL! :runner:

(Welp, that should lock up the last two intro ones.)

EDIT: Ok, so you only get one badge per post?

EDIT: EDIT: Or… editing triggers it?



So, is this a NEW BADGE JUST INTRODUCED, or not?