Shiny things exist! And Brainspore is handsome and mad with power! Meow

Looking at my profile, we now have badges.

So, how about that. Virtual awards for various community achievements.

Anyone got the complete list? Or suggestions for new awards (Sarcastic, helpful or a bit of both)?

I heard that some users now have the ability to rename topics, too.



(the last part should be scripted in).

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But its all a work in progress, will be adding 10 more or so in the next week.

Has anyone even come close to getting 100 likes on a post? That’s going to be tough.


I am dropping it to 50, 100 seems impossible.

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Impossible is nothing.

It is imperative that I have access to high quality printable versions…
In order to enhance my sessions, I need to make a sash to wear while browsing Boing Boing (ideally, it will have a bluetooth proximity sensor to automatically log me in once I park myself in front of the computer while wearing it)


Yeah, but earning that badge is gonna feel so sweet.


I have something like that from being in Cubs. I don’t think I earned many badges though. Hating the outdoors is not a good quality for a cub scout.


I’ve gotten more than 10 likes on a post… and does the parenthesis at the bottom mean the number of times I got that? It says (x15)…

Good lord, I am an amateur… you have 251 badges!

Now I have to amp up my game to get more badges, else I’ll feel totally inadequate as a human being. I NEED LITTLE WIDGETS ON THE INTERNET TO TELL ME MY WORTH, DAMMIT!!!


Yeah, I’m kind of thinking that goes beyond “bravo” into “I should probably get help” territory. (Me, not you)


When it says “granted” does that mean some maniac deliberately gave me this thing?


Some maniac wrote a script to give you it.

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The wording made me wonder if it was somehow granted by someone rather than just mysteriously… granted

I wonder what the prerequisites are. I don’t have many other badges. Maybe the algorithms recognised my natural affinity to computers.

Ok, drop “Great Post” to 50, but keep the 100 as the “Golden Banana Post”


We have had comments with more than 50 likes, for example:



The second comment is very impressive, as @Happy_Professor seems to have the record number of likes in a single comment and an average of 35 likes per comment. Apparently there’s nothing that happy mutants love more than being told that BB is a bad, bad website. There seem to be very few comments on this site with more than 35 likes though, so without some sort of organised attempt to reach it I think the Golden Banana is safe.


I’m devastated at my few badges. I really thought people liked me, but … those badge champions … wow.

I feel like I just look like the England team, while they still clung on to hope of staying in the World Cup.


I think my record so far is 83 likes, for a bad Photoshop I made of Nancy getting mauled by a bear. I’m not sure what that says about Happy Mutants.