Signs that You're Addicted to BoingBoing BBS


You know who you are. Share Confess your moments in everyday life that made you realize you’re a BBS junkie.

Texas lawmaker introduces bill chastising Texans for using the Chilean flag emoji

Yesterday I received an email from a long-time (and long-distance) friend that made me smile…and then I instinctively looked for the ‘like’ button.


I’m not addicted. I can quit any time I want. Back in a couple minutes.


When you’re only capable of speaking in questions?


When I needed a break and couldn’t think of any other websites to go to?


When you’re talking to the wife about a story in the news and you always relate it back to something that you heard on the BBS. “Oh, that happens to @him all time – you should hear the stories…”


When you saw the title of this thread your heart leapt a little.


When you can’t get enough hedgehog goodness?


When your list of BBS badges looks like this:


When you’ve never actually seen the thin red “last visit” line.


What’s that?


When you decide where to get lunch by creating a poll for your coworkers.

When you accidentally click on the BoingBoing homepage and remember it has epilepsy.

When it’s simultaneously at the top of the browser history on you laptop, tablet and phone.

When you can list more than three signs that you’re addicted to BoingBoing BBS.


When you check your likes and think, “She’s switched back to her old avatar” without looking at the name. And when you know immediately who I’m talking about.


When you have way too many “Nice Reply” badges.

When the BBS is your most-used link on your home, mobile, and work browsers.

When you get the Regular badge.

When most of the emails in a given email account are reply notifications.

When you’ve checked the status of multiple suspended users to see when their bans end.



When you change your avatar more often than you change your socks.


Is this too many?


I think that’s a personal judgement. When I was at 562, I felt that was way too many. :stuck_out_tongue:


When you feel obliged to like every post in a thread because you know all the posters.

[quote=“M_M, post:15, topic:88632”]
When you change your avatar more often than you change your socks.[/quote]
When you always suspected that about @M_M.


When it is the first link on your bookmark bar?


When you see a new avatar in the Lounge and think, probably @M_M.