What the BBS means to me


After three years of experimental mutation, let’s reflect upon the meaning these bits of data have brought to our lives.

In heartfelt and sincere terms only, explain what the BBS means to you.

Long or short, pithy or philosophical.


Friends, things I did not know about, things I forgot about, and irritation.


A place to shoot the shit.

BTW, here’s a thing I did when I sussed out the features on this site, that some folks might like to copy - I set it to notify me of any non-boing post, in order to maximise the peer to peer interaction, as opposed to the boing-inspired interaction that comes with a five-day time limit.


It’s where I:

  • get to interact with lots of interesting peoples
  • procrastinate when I should be studying
  • brush up on my snarking skills
  • learn about new stuff
  • share stuff I know
  • play

I feel like I live here.


I come here to steal @OtherMichael’s french fries off of his plate…



It’s a constant energy exchange; one which often helps me cope, as I try to balance out the ‘internal crazy’ inside my own mind, with the ‘external crazy’ that is the world around me.


As a self employed “work at home”, it provides human interaction. A virtual water cooler. I also hang on a local community site, a hobby site, and a tools site. A political site that used to be somewhat balanced has gotten way too ugly and depressing.


Sharing of information. The BBS membership has so much experience/knowledge of all kinds of things, and I appreciate when folks voluntarily put in the time to make a post adding what they may know about a topic, links to related info, etc.

I appreciate how one person’s thought leads to another person’s thought—and sometimes the off-topic excursions can be the most interesting/informative/fun!

Observations of human nature. The chance to learn from others’ examples, for both skillful and not-so-skillful ways to interact.

A place to practice Lovingkindness meditation. (e.g., I’ll often touch yous-all’s avatars on the screen, bring to mind what I may know about you from your posts, and take a few moments to wish you each well IRL.)

A chance to think before interacting. For introverts, in-person interaction can feel like being put on the spot. Here, there is time to reflect before posting, or just let things pass by without feeling pressured to speak.


I get to share my funny or interesting stories, crack s few jokes, learn from others, escape from my existence to think about stuff I wouldn’t otherwise. Some lighthearted stuff, some not. Definitely not here to argue. It’s not a stress producer at all.


it gives me the opportunity to consider opinions and viewpoints i would not have considered in my real life interactions with the friends and colleagues present around me. it challenges me to justify my opinions before a group of people from different places and different ideas which helps me frame my thoughts more coherently within myself. it sometimes forces me to change my mind about some things i had believed or half-believed.

it also entertains me and sustains me when things go south and i need a lift.


Forgive the bulleted format, my focus is a bit dashed today:

  • learning about others’ experiences
  • exposure to novel ideas and opinions
  • reconsideration of my own schemas, assumptions, biases
  • GIFs
  • debate (the legit kind, not the bickering kind)
  • venting
  • rapid-fire exchange of wits
  • and, like everyone else, avoiding actual work


I just come here for the free drugs.


Free? Why is my credit card getting automatically debited each month then???


I was wondering who to thank!


I come for the best intellectual exchanges available on the webz. Over time, these exchanges have presented the opportunity for friendships to form, and that’s an amazing thing to have happen long distance with a collection of introverted happy mutants.


It’s where my social group is. I don’t really have many people IRL.

It’s also where I abuse my own image. Where I come, far too often and post angry and poorly thought stuff and forget about it till morning. When I see my notification count through the roof and think to myself “what did I say this time?”

I can’t believe I haven’t ever been banned.


Not pedantic enough?


Long time lurker, just registered. BBS is an oasis in the desert of insanity that is modern living.


I’m doing it right now! Must be the free drugs @Old is handing out. Well, I’m not angry, though.

Remember, if it’s not on YouTube it didn’t happen!