Hidden cameras in your Airbnb

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2024/07/09/hidden-cameras-in-your-airbnb.html


Just like self-driving cars that run over people, these companies somehow produce paperwork that absolves them of responsibility no matter how murderous their creations.


during scientific meetings various found “hidden” cameras in at least three of the non-AirBnB hotels/motels. and as tempting as it was to melt their eyeballs with an ugly old hair-in-no-good-places body, i just chucked them in the minibar and told the desk that i’d include their hidden camera now in their frige in my yelp review (and of course, i’m all hot air as i’ve never written one of those) -sigh-


That’s how these companies make their money. Their business model is to absolve themselves of all responsibility, and farm out the work. Uber and AirBnB operate in a similar fashion. It’s premium capitalism. It’s irresponsible and needs to be stopped.


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