Hilariously terrifying talk about security

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This video is pure Magnús!


I fucking love James Mickens. His Usenix login/logout The Night Watch article from back in 2013 is my favorite editorial ever.

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This was good. Showed it to my kids.

This is great. And even features Victoria BC’s very own Darth Fiddler around the 55 second mark. Luke, I am your fiddler

And yet, we’re going to barrel full speed ahead into the internet of things and DRM and Windows goddam ten.


Why do the lightbulbs need their own mesh network separate from the house wifi? Just for autoconfiguration on installation? That doesn’t sound like anywhere near enough of a convenience to warrant the security exposure, not to mention shitting up the available radio frequencies. Plug each bulb into the configuration base station to set it up with the wifi key before installing it.

And if they do all talk on their own mesh, why would all of them have to individually be on the house wifi also? Just have one master bulb on it that relays instructions to the others.

Well… that was fairly bizarre.

Weird how he can speak so quickly and relatively coherently. Makes me wonder how much prep time he did prior to the presentation.

I enjoyed most of this talk, since it was humorous, or at least until the Gunter / Magnus malarkey at the end, when he lost me.

yeah it seems like a cognitive dissonance kind of thing that this came to boing boing via O’Reilly Radar, given O’Reilly’s interest in the internet of things as hyped up in their Solid Con…

Ugh. Not incorrect, but overwrought and trying to hard.

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