History of Prisencolinensinainciusol, the gibberish English song that charmed Italy and the world

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As best remembered in the Season 3 premiere of Fargo.


18 sec more of Celentano:


Looks like Cory D was first in 2009


“I said ‘Goodbye’ to anal leakage when I said ‘Hello’ to Prisencolinensinainciusol!” *

* Ask your doctor if Prisencolinensinainciusol is right for you. Side effects may include blurred vision, premature aging, migraines, sudden death, sweating, testicular torsion, fever and anal leakage.


Besides being nonsensical and silly - the song was and ever will be a proper banger. It deserves more reboots.


I love it!! Nicely done gibberish.

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One of my favourite scenes is from “Il bisbetico domato”, which is an 80’s version of the taming of the shrew, but him being the shrew.
Ornella Muti plays this girl that likes him, so she sees him parked in his car and wants a ride:
“dove vai?” (where are you going?)
With a stone face he answers:
“dall’altra parte” (Somewhere else)


Heh, I remeber this. And yes, to an Italian native without English this makes perfect sense… and even if you do know English, it will still sound more or less normal if you are listening with half an ear. If you really try to follow the words, then you are all “Whaaaaaat oh damn I forgot everything I learned”.
Maybe it was just the time for freewheeling improvisation, Dario Fo was doing similar stuff on stage, and you could try this for something in the same spirit:

silliness with gibberish galore, and nice, clean graphics.


And looking like Jerry Lewis from the nutty professor.

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it’s a one-note vamp! It was (probably) thrown together when they had an hour left in the recording studio! It has a harmonica ‘solo’ fer crying out loud!

AND IT’S SOOOOO GOOD! I never get tired of bumping it

/I nearly lost my mind when it was used in a Cadillac commercial a couple of years ago- I didn’t fast forward!


Italian guy, huh? When I first heard this I knew it was a parody on American slang and had lottsa gibberish, but I could have sworn that the singer was Dutch. The fellah is brilliant IMO.

Celentano also played a rock musician – which he was – in Fellini’s La Dolce Vita.

ETA: And here’s a young Celentano playing guitar behind another young Italian musical star, Mina:


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