History of the great sex.com feud


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Kari Paul has an excellent short history at Motherboard.

That link does not seem to go where it should.

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It’s a very short history. You just have to squint a bit.


Found it - http://motherboard.vice.com/en_uk/read/the-history-of-sexcom-the-most-contested-domain-on-the-internet


Eventually Cohen was extradited from Mexico and sent back to the US, where he sat in jail for six months until a judge gave up on trying to make him pay up.

“Gave up?” What? How does that work? “Gosh, you really don’t want to pay your debts, never mind then?”


Owing a few thousand dollars is a debt. Owing millions and millions is a statistic. Similar to body counts and wall street.

Litigating this case was also the main claim to fame of douchebag lawyer Charles Carreon until he made himself internet-infamous in an incredibly inept and ill-advised attempt to sue “The Oatmeal” creator Matt Inman. The latter incident did not end well for Carreon.


Gary Kremen recently ran a heavily-funded successful campaign for a seat on the Santa Clara Valley Water District, which may be totally unrelated to him also having a company called WaterSmart that sells water management software to cities.

$64 million is petty?!


It is once you discover the magic of Affiliate Links!


I was thinking the exact same thing. People can just refuse to pay their debts and…that’s it?

they don’t speak to the imagination
there are too many of them
the numeral zero on the end
turns them into an abstraction

-from “Mr. Cogito Reads The Newspaper” by Zbigniew Herbert

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