History of the World in 1,000 Objects


I just want that phone.


When I saw the headline I wondered if it was related to the Radio 4 series, produced in conjunction with the British Museum. At second look it’s iobviously not and looks fantastic in its own right.

The podcast is still one one my faves:


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As it happens I got the book from that series for xmas.

The narrative in this is superb and I’m sure the DK book will be nice and glossy but it really does look like a shallow ripoff of the Beeb series.


It’s inflation I tell you – we used to be able to it in 100 objects, or in 6 glasses, but now we need 1000.

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Now I must possess this book!
Darn You!

I can not stress this book enough. “100 Objects” was a meditative and mind blowing look at the whole history of Civilization. Looking at pictures and getting a high level view is awesome - but MacGregor tells a comprehensive story for each item, tying it not only into it’s place in the overall history, but also in the context of its time.

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