Hollywood sex scandal predators go unnamed and unashamed in this week’s tabloids

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/10/25/hollywood-sex-scandal-predator.html

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We couldn’t ask for a more reliable witness.

That’s going round I hear.

This morning at grocery store The Equirer’s headline was “Stevie Wonder Can See!” I assume they meant metaphorically and not literally.

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Hmm, are they still flogging that story or are you a time traveller from 11th October?!!?!

Obviously, it’s the latter.

Read all about how secret alien time travellers are having Elvis’s baby in order to help O J Simpson cure cancer in next week’s Enquirer!

Or you can do it now if you are one of the secret alien time travellers - in which case: Mazel tov!

I am a time traveller; unfortunately all I have managed so far is travelling forward at a rate of one day every 24 hours.

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