Homeless people in San Francisco are hotwiring electric scooters

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So they have freeBirds, now?


The street finds its own uses for things…


I am 100% on the side of the homeless on this.

I only wish and hope this led to getting them some housing in San Francisco. It’s a stunning mess and no one with any power appears to be attempting to do anything about it.


Are these scooters not licensed? We have fossil scooters here, which need a license. There’s a Segway store, I don’t think you need a license for those, but I don’t think you’ll be driving a Segway 20 miles to work.

This sounds like something that would happen in “Makers”. How does it feel to predict the future?

We all know where this is going: the techbros will engage in counter-disruption and the homeless will fight back until, finally, every streetcorner in SF will be littered with poop-covered scooters.


Those in power don’t see them as humans in need of help. They view them as winos who get their jollies by pooping in the street and stealing scooters.


Not surprising the batteries or other parts are not showing up on CL or Ebay. Good way to get pinched for larceny. But it makes me wonder if I shouldn’t go downtown and find amongst the homeless a source of batteries as a direct transaction. How many batteries would it take to duplicate a Tesla battery wall.


Now if only they could get a bathroom…


No. These people are “unsheltered.”

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I look forward to our scooter powered homeless overlords


This is a bit of a story so plausible that rumor makes it true. I walk around the loin almost daily and don’t see this. Maybe some of the folks that hang around the Next Door Shelter have done this but the streets are almost completely scrubbed of functional e-scooters for 5 more days when Skip and Scoot come to town.


Why spend millions helping the homeless when you can spend millions on scooters?


There ought to be some cool shopping cart mods.


We need a Kickstarter: “Helmets for the Homeless”.

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I’ve been baffled that every one of these scooters hasn’t been shanghaied, de-brained and/or stripped for batteries. Really it’s lowered my opinion of the criminal element. They need to get on it and put these dumbass companies out of business.


The people in power have, once again, been bought out by the liberTechBros. They don’t believe in regulations or helping people, but in amassing great wealth and letting the market decide what’s best, and fight any attempt to fix social issues because they cost money and they can’t see the return on investment (despite the fact that every study shows the return on investment for social programs seems to be pretty high, it’s just the full payoff can take most of a lifetime to achieve and doesn’t enrichen the people who invested - taxpayers - but the people who receive the benefits). Same story of excessive wealth, different century. They’re just the new robber barons, and I’ve grown sick of our pandering to their worst natures because they got the bucks to buy our government, local and federal.


I was thinking about Vespa when I read scooter. Because there are some Vespa rental store, like this: https://www.langarentvespa.it/index_uk.html and recently some free floating moped rental services are srung https://mimoto.it/
These scooter have a license plate, so a stolen one is an easy target, and anyway you must have a driving license to drive them.

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Finding wounded Birds

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