Hong Kong protesters deploy a brick-throwing bamboo siege engine

Yes, surely if everyone would just remain totally peaceful, the Chinese state would realize that it’s being unfair, withdraw the riot police, and negotiate in good faith to meet the demands of the protesters. After all, the government could never get away with beating, mass arresting, and torturing hundreds of peaceful protesters, right?

The vast majority in Hong Kong support fighting the police, because they’re under no illusion about what will happen to them all if the police prevail and impose “order”.

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I fear this might be an invitation to be shot.

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Usually in life, the brickbats are metaphorical. In Hong Kong today, not so much.

I just hope it doesn’t end up like Tiananmen Square.

They could probably bring that result to fruition if they changed their ammo to bags of shit.


Nice sarcasm, but peaceful protest and civil disobedience are tried and proven concepts, and I don’t see how the protesters could in any way benefit from an escalation of violence, quite the contrary.

Exactly. There are Trotskyists and anarcho-communists amongst the Hong Kong protestors. They are not friendly with the Chinese state.

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We built one of these for LARP mass battles years ago. Great fun. They’re a bit long-range for the cops at the end of the street…

Peaceful protest and civil disobedience only work against a government controlled by people who have consciences. The government of China was founded by a man who was fond of saying “power comes out the barrel of a gun” and his successors have proven more than once that they still rule according to that principle.

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