Horror movies and the Haunted Mansion


Heh. William Castle was famous for his special effects, but “illusion-O” doesn’t sound all that special. Even if you pronounce it, as I automatically did, in olden-speak, “Illlyuuzhiun-Oh” (According to Wikipedia, it was two pieces of cellophane - if you were brave enough to see ghosts, you watched through the red. If you were frightened, you looked through the blue cellophane and the ghosts disappeared.)

Yes, and the print I saw you really didn’t need the red to see the ghosts. It isn’t all that scary either but a lot of fun.Charles Herbert as the kid was awesome, oh that’s mrs. soandso, she has a fight with her husband, you may wanna move over away from the knife about to be thrown and just oh cool at that headless lion tamer. He was totally unfazed by the ghosts. Also Margaret Hamilton was quite good as the house keeper.

I know this is a quote from the original website and not boingboing per se, but if the ghosts were special in the same way as the special olympics then they would be very special indeed. Consider rephrasing.

Disney, the company that keeps on “giving”:

But lets make sure to shill them on Boing-Boing, since they’re all family “friendly”. Who needs principles when you have whimsy and profit!

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