Hours after worst mass shooting in US history, Trump "appreciates the congrats for being right"

By the time the election gets here even with tRump losing so much damage is going to be done that I don’t want to think about it. I want to go drink heavily even more than the news of the 2nd term for the shrub.


Who thought that he couldn’t get worse? He’s been on a downward spiral from the start.


My friend, this is international now.


The Republican leaders cozy up to those who openly advocate killing LGBT folks, Republican gun fetishists prevent any kind of meaningful gun control, and yet when someone shoots 100+ people at a gay nightclub, they Republicans are still pretending they have the moral high ground because they can blame the shooter’s Muslim religion, even if it’s not true.
How the fuck do they get away with this shit?


Those who hate enjoy the existence of hate.


You know in some computer games, if you fail to make the right choices, you get a tiny hope spot before everything rapidly spirals into a horribly bad ending.

I think the world might just be getting one of those.


“If a few of those people that are now dead — if a few of those people had guns strapped to their ankles or strapped to their waists — you wouldn’t have the problem,” he continued. “You wouldn’t have the problem, right?” Trump - on the attacks in Paris. And yet with so many people carrying guns in the US we have yet to see an armed Walter Mitty stopping one.


congrats? gfy! christ, what an asshole (I lack a sufficient number of exclamation points to appropriately emphasize my disdain for this Cheeto colored sack of putrid protoplasm

(apologies if anyone took offense at my including HIV as a STD/STI, but I’m thinking it is just as likely this guy was a conflicted self-hater, can very well turn out not to be the case, but it isn’t outside the realm of the possible, not sure why folks are so quick to think that is unacceptable, ymmv, sorry if I offended on a very sad day for all good and decent human beings of all orientations, colors, shapes sizes and opinions)

so he called 911 at 2 AM to declare allegiance to ISIS? gosh that’s some deep commitment

OK right-wingers, go to full on snit mode, lose your marbles and begin the ritual frothing at the mouth


Yep, that GOP is all about toughness and vigilance and smartness. If there’s anybody you can count on to keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of would-be terrorists and stand up for gay rights, it’s the Republican party.


I wonder if Trump’s team sit around trying to come up with this crap?

Terrorism is the great magical gift the GOP is always thankful for.


I like to think their fearless leader does it all on his own.

I just hope on Nov 8th Trump isn’t featured in the Fuck Today thread. I’m an atheist but I think it’s ok to say at this point … God help us. I’d vote for “Giant Meteor 2016” but that’s not fair to the rest of the world.


but they will defend the terrist’s right to guns no matter what.


yeah, apparently HE pledged allegiance to ISIS, but until after it happened, ISIS itself hadn’t mentioned credit for it in their (apparently) daily morning list of things they claim to have orchestrated.


Can you please remove the HIV reference? I don’t think it’s really relevant here, as a wider part of the population than just gay men (l’m presumimg that’s why you mentioned it - the shooting being at a gay club and all) are infected with it.


Rich scumbags do what they want. They’ll continue to do what they want until we put them in check.


You know what makes Trump’s accepting congrats even worse, in my view? This is not only the worst mass shooting in US history, it’s the third worst globally in recorded history. (That’s according to Wikipedia - the worst was Norway in 2011, followed by a Korean mass shooting in 1982, with 56 killed.)


Is that like declaring your allegiance to Anonymous?


We are approaching the point where I would take a 3rd term of the shrub in exchange for freedom from the chance of having a Trump presidency.


I’m pretty sure Tim McVeigh pledged his allegiance to the flag of the United States of America…doesn’t mean the flag had any direct connection with the events in OKCity, though.