How a successful author went broke buying toys to overturn a wrongful conviction and got stalked by Nazis

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I need a hug and a nap after reading that debacle. WTF!


Sounds like this story needs an (un)true crime podcast and a fundraiser.


So who is George R R trying to get out of prison?


Sounds like a missed opportunity to switch focus and write a true-crime book about the ordeal itself since she was sinking so much time and resources into the project anyway.


I have enjoyed the double edged sword that is being friends with authors and sadly far too often they are tortured souls.

The story telling, the creativity, the in depth research they are possessed of is a wonder to behold however obsession more often than not is detrimental.

I have found that those who write for fun rather than as a career avoid the many pitfalls “Authors” stumble and crumble upon.


My one & only writer friend was Herb Caen, he wrote for the San Francisco Chronicle. As he frequented the many eating establishments I ran in the City, we became close, I told him sea stories, he told me SF City stories, I truly enjoyed our time together. His ongoing take on the local happenings, “A continuous love letter to San Francisco” touched me, we both loved the place, despite its many foibles. Even though we shared this, I really knew next to nothing about his personal life, he was very guarded, and I never pressed him. I suspect that your evaluation of the writing craft is spot on, sadly so.

P.S. A rival Editor/News Paper once wrote this about him…
“his outstanding ability to take a wisp of fog, a chance phrase overheard in an elevator, a happy child on a cable car, a deb in a tizzy over a social reversal, a family in distress and give each circumstance the magic touch that makes a reader an understanding eyewitness of the day’s happenings.”

Have a great day!


Caen was great. (So was eating out in SF, I look forward to being able to do that again.)

Reading @thomdunn’s article above (and the Kahler article it links to), it feels like there ought to be something we can do, a letter-writing campaign or gofundme somewhere. Just reading about this horrorshow is not enough.


As I was reading, that’s where I was expecting this to go - she got the man released and wrote a book about the experience and it’s coming out next month…


Croyd Crenson?

I think I saw this one, it was called Adaptation right?


Sounds like a Coen Brothers movie

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