How British spies exorcise a leak-haunted laptop

Just laughing at the idea that anyone involved would actually believe that there weren’t numerous backups of something that valuable.

That red thing is a graphics card, with a PCI connector. It’s not permanent storage, and it’s not from a laptop. It’s so obviously not from a laptop. So move along now, nothing to see here… … .

So, should I move all my Dropbox files to a new host before GCHQ smash up Dropbox (if their understanding of how a computer stores data, then they will be looking for the black box that contains the Internet as featured on The IT Crowd)?

“Yeah, and that half-kilo of fulminated mercury over there was in the room while we were looking at the documents…”

It’s time for the Guardian to stop messing around and make every document public.

Wouldn’t that violate the terms of his Russian asylum? Didn’t they require that he stop releasing new information?

He can stop releasing information but that has no bearing on what the Guardian releases.

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