How come BB doesn't distinguish between real and sponsored/store posts under an article?

On your main page, you cordon off the “Boing Boing Store” posts in warning boxes, which is great, but underneath an article, where there is a list of next articles you might want to read, no such distinction is made:

(This is especially difficult because @frauenfelder works tirelessly to write reviews with affiliate links, which is fine and sometimes useful and entirely his prerogative, but it does make distinguishing between the two even more difficult.)

@jlw ?

Edit: BBS crops the image without showing there is more to it, which is a bit odd @codinghorror. In any case, if you click on it all the sponsored posts are towards the bottom.

Sponsored posts are real posts. When a sponsor pays for a post it is clearly labelled and called out. When an editor writes a post they want to write, it is not. Reviews are journalism too.

There is no warning box. The Box around Store Posts simply calls more attention to them, we don’t need it in the footer.

I am done discussing this for the 500th time.