How corporate America's lobbying budget surpassed the combined Senate and Congress budget

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Fuck it…I’m leaving this country. If it’s that bad, nothing will change without another revolution which won’t happen as long as people have the Kardashians and other distractions.

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Nice job derailing!

Isn’t it doctrine that “Government cannot solve problems; government is the problem?” How can they purchase government while also trying to blow it up?


Don’t confuse the marketing line with the actual product.

Republicans are about 90% about money. Pretty much everything else is windsock politics for electability


“It’s this transformation from anti-regulation to pro-special-favors that has made believers out of American industry.”

Want to solve this problem? Then you need to take away government’s ability to grant special favors.

If any corporation believes that a pending law or regulation will seriously advantage or disadvantage it with respect to its competitors, then that corporation will find a way to get money to the government officials who will make (or not make) it happen.

They can hire the official’s daughter at a make-work job in the mid six figures.
They can contribute to the “charity” managed by and for that official’s benefit.
They can offer speaking engagements at upwards of three hundred grand a pop.
And other things.

To imagine that this can be cured by “campaign finance reform” is to imagine that melanoma can be cured by Band-Aids. The only cure is straightforward, easily comprehensible legislation (no god-damn thousand page “omnibus bills”) that does not play favorites and cannot be selectively enforced by regulators.

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I have to note that the votes on wars line is wrong. Sanders voted “yea” on the 2001 Bill To Authorize the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Those Responsible for the Recent Attacks Launched Against the United States, which authorized the war in Afghanistan. Libya and Syria both flared up after Clinton was in Congress, which precludes her from voting on anything regarding them, yes or no. As for Republicans, there was insufficient support in the Republican-controlled House for the proposed 2013 joint resolution on Syria to go anywhere; the 2011 House resolution supporting the NATO Libya mission outright failed in a floor vote with 225 out of 239 Republicans voting “no”.

I hope the rest of the chart had better research.

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I would hope that you know the difference between voting to go to WAR, as opposed to what Bernie Sanders actually vote for, which I left a link to. Parce it as you like, the two are not the same. Sir or Madam.

Ah, so Clinton didn’t vote to go to war with Iraq when she supported the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002 because an AUMF is totally different from going to war.

Eh, Bernie using B&W text then rendering to JPEG? Offshoring and Keystone XL as current notions? Glass-Steagall being lovely just lovely? Stay painterly.

$2.6B in lobbying. Huh. I’ve got to up my hospitality game.

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