How did I miss this topic while it was open?


What looks to be an interesting documentary, about an amazing individual, and yet I somehow missed it until 3 days after the “discussion” closed.

Where was I? Choking on the filth in the 1000th Trump thread perhaps?


I thought you meant this topic, which poses an interesting conundrum.


Great. How many people do we have to draw into the loop before the thread collapses?


For me, there are so many topics/posts. I can’t open, or see, them all. I missed this one also. A pity.


I thought you meant this topic, which poses an interesting challenge.

How did I miss this topic while it was open?


I caught it but I didn’t end up watching it because I figured it was going to be at least a 20 minute video. :cold_sweat: Pessimisted (pessimissed?) myself right out of watching the video.


At least the LeRoy article actually opened comments ::le sigh::

With the (brand new) exception of these horrid DistroScale video ads that autoplay with sound, nothing frustrates me more at BB than a good article that fails to create a BBS topic.

Most recent case in point, Kaufman’s quick appreciation of the 50th anniversary of the Sgt. Pepper’s album.

For us olds, this is exciting, inviting shit. We could have had a nice little bonding moment, reminiscing about that original release and how it CHANGED EVERYTHING (this LP was the literal poster for the Summer of Love year that turned the US and Brit pop/rock/blues/R&B-and-more scenes on their heads…for shit’s sake, OTIS R. got the idea for Sitting On the Dock of the Bay while listening to Sgt. Pepper’s just months before his death!).

But the page template didn’t work, or Richard’s submission didn’t have the right perms, or whatever…and apparently there’s no way (or desire?) to ever fix these things…so we just get that baleful red legend taunting us with the dead hope for Comments…Comments…Comments.



10000 .



You can take it up with @orenwolf but as covered previously

  • author must have a BBS account with matching username to their WP account
  • BBS account must have posting privileges, that is, be in the editors group

I think that is it?



Recursion violation detected.


Almost. Can’t remember how to make it a reply to itself, only an itself to its reply.



Richard put the incorrect username in his BB -> BBS mapping, which lead to the error. I corrected it for him, and repushed out his last couple of stories so they’d get topics.

WP post with broken comments link

Thank you for that! (Sheesh, now I feel kinda bad…you and codinghorror are each busier than a 10-dicked dog trapped in a fire hydrant factory…hope I wasn’t being that guy.)

If only the bad Chinese I ate tonight could be resolved so cleanly. Thanx again!



(Just to be 100% clear: At no point have I felt disappointed! Regular BBers will get the jest.)

What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name
When you put it like that

Not at all, I rely on reports like this to know when stuff is borked, so thank you for making my job easier. :smiley:


Gah. I missed out on posting in the procrastination topic:

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