Return of the BBS Discussions Missing


Shucks, the old thread is locked now.

The potential for snark here is savory indeed, but alas! no comment thread. I think this is the second one I’ve noticed in a while.

FAO: Backroom Boffins of BB — Comments locked on new posts
Blog Posts With No Working BBS Link

Ive noticed that sometimes if I refresh later in the day, that the comment thread has been created. other times it never shows up. Ive always wondered if it by mistake or if some topics are just seen as too much chum for the trolls.


Calling @orenwolf!

More missing topics based on authors…

  1. Not having a BBS account in the proper editors group (allowed to post topics in that category)

  2. Mismatch between WP account name and BBS account name


Carla’s fixed!

The other ones come from posts failing to get added sometimes when the Authors post - I’m not sure why that happens. They insist they aren’t unchecking the “post to Discourse” option or anything.


I should probably find where the Discourse plugin is adding the “posted to discourse” flag and run some sort of scan that emails me if a post is missing a link to Discourse, or somesuch.


Not this one.


Moar Carla!


Someone got to it before I did. :slight_smile:


Feel free to update the WP-Discourse plugin to latest as well. It should be safe. We have a (very talented) outside developer on it and he is very active.


We are up to date, thankfully. :slight_smile:

It’s be pretty awesome if you had a releases list/topic/feed/whatever interested parties could subscribe to so we could act proactively instead of reactively, though. :slight_smile:


It’s all on wordpress proper so it shows up in the WP extensions page as a needed update, etc. It’s all there already.


This Carla story also has no comments.


That’s not Carla :wink:

But yes, I’ll get er fixed.


A new one:


Fixed. Thanks!


“Oh no, not again,” thought the bowl of petunias.


Of for…

fixed. Thanks.




Fixed - thanks!


For example, in today’s story re: the Bladerunner soundtrack, it just links back to the page you’re already on. Looks like it’s probably the same issue that was reported for another post back on April 8th.