How EFF cracked printers' "hidden dots" code in 2005

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What makes you say that?
[/quote]Well, because it’s the case.

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I can easily see people who don’t like Wikileaks discrediting them by saying that, so I’m curious if there’s anything substantiated.
[/quote]Okay, here’s what we know.

  • They employ Israel Shamir, a Russian anti-semite who is known to assist Kremlin-friendly groups
  • Putin has personally defended Assange against the Swedish rape charges, and offered him a Russian residency visa
  • Assange worked(and was well paid) for Russia Today, the famous Russian english-language propaganda outlet
  • Assange assisted Snowden’s escape to Russia, claiming to have given him the idea to go to Moscow. Wikileaks employee Sarah Harrison literally flew with Snowden to Russia, and managed his interactions with Russian officials.
  • Wikileaks attacked the panama papers as being “A US-sponsored plot to undermine Putin and Russia”
  • Assange, when demanding control over his bodyguards and security at the Eucadorian embassy, despite being so famously anti-surveillance, pro-privacy, anti-corruption anti-government overreach, etc, demanded that his security be handled by the notoriously corrupt, lethally violent, and for lack of a better word, outright evil Russian secret police, the FSB, who among other things, are famous for assassinating whistleblowers.
  • Wikileaks claimed to have Russian documents they promised they were going to release. They’re known to have had contact with Russia after that, and the leaks have suddenly vanished.
  • We know for a fact that Russian hackers have given wikileaks information, through cutouts known to be controlled by the Russian government, including the DNC and podesta leaks, along with the German government leaks.
  • Investigation of their servers shows that at least two of their servers(funnily enough, two recently registered before the podesta leaks) are hosted in Russia, with a company known to be friendly to Russian government clandestine operations.
  • They back Russia’s official line on pretty much any large events, for example, the invasion of Ukraine.
  • They have freely given Peter Chayanov, a hacker and malware author known to work with the FSB, access to everything on their servers, which includes information on people who hand over information.
  • Basically every infosec expert worth a damn pretty much agrees they’re controlled by Russia, as do most national intelligence services.
  • They were, and IIRC still are, holding tight to the idea that there’s no Russia-trump connection, despite the fact that multiple campaign operatives for trump have been found to have Russian connections.

That’s everything I can think off off the top of my head.


Hang on a minute. If thats the case, why didn’t Assange go to the Russian embassy in the first place? If the FSB are living with him at his current place, why haven’t the Russians gotten him out yet?

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Hang on a minute. If thats the case, why didn’t Assange go to the Russian embassy in the first place? If the FSB are living with him at his current place, why haven’t the Russians gotten him out yet?
[/quote]Unknown to the former, it’s possible that the Russian links weren’t as strong as they are now. Or the opportunity might have simply not been there - after all, he did get nabbed, then fled on bail, it wouldn’t have been easy for him to get out of the country even with Russia’s help.

As for the latter - Well, I said demanded, I didn’t say received. The Eucadorians, while obviously in a more diplomatic way, told him to fuck right off, they were not going to have the FSB embedded in their Embassy.

actually. no.

the issue is: before voting happens, code and data gets uploaded to the voting machines. a compromised machine which serves as the transit for that package could be given malicious code and data. by compromising accounts handling voter rolls, you get closer to the critical infrastructure. even more than that, in some cases, the same people are handling both sides of the equation: the rolls and the voting machines. if you compromise their accounts, you could do real damage.

that this means people were engaged - not just in hacks of the rnc and dnc machines for disinformation purposes - but, in actual hacks of the voting system is news.

not only that, but this was done by russian military intellegence and not just hackers who happen to be russian.

her leak is not a massive smoking gun of election manipulation showing that putin himself learned enough python to throw the election for his twin brother ( separated at birth. ) nor does this reveal all the classified information at area 51 showing that trump and putin are trying to contact xenu.

but in the realm of fact, it’s still pretty darn important.


Which is why the press was briefed in August.

And September.

And October.

Which is why the declassified report from January said it was Russian intelligence.

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