How Google uses behavioral science to make work suck less

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I thought I was the only one who ever saw Joe vs the Volcano. Big favorite of mine!


I’d read this but it would make me cry. My work and expertise is not valued, I’m constantly reminded I am replaceable, and employee buy-in is a mythical concept. I would gladly make half my salary to work at a place that this were not true.

Dan Hedaya (just learned his name) is one of my all-time favorite actors, especially in the villain/schmuck role. I need to go and watch that flick again!

Google could make my work suck less by taking less of my money every month. But if I can humbly pay for their toilets to flush with champagne, it’s all worth while.

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Does Google actually start with the premise that “people are basically good?” Because that really is how predators operate in plain sight.


The question should always be, “How will this policy be used against me?” Someone will find a way to.

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