How landscape architects fight the last war while designing against mass shootings

The sad thing is in a discussion about handling the wrong kinds of attacks, everyone is still focusing on the wrong kinds of attacks.

The face of him violence in America is not splashy terrorist attacks like this one.

It’s one of two people getting shot with a pistol. Robbery gone wrong, bad drug deal, whatever.

That happens often enough every day that it dwarfs these big, ugly events. It makes these events statistically unimportant. Less than 10% of the murders in the US are committed with long arms, and assault rifles are a small part of that.

See the FBI’s UCR website ( for a LOT of information on crimes in the US. Table 12 for 2016 has a lot of interesting data on what kinds of weapons were used where for murders.

Actually looking at the data has convinced me that any focus on long arm regulation is just a grandstanding move that will accomplish nothing. Gun Control Is Security Theater.

I don’t disagree. Strictly by the numbers, long guns, even the most deadly kind, are not a big deal in terms of deaths per year–but they make headline news. (For the sake of your seeming definition of ‘Violence’, I’m leaving out suicides here)

Poverty is what underlies most of the remaining handgun violence. There are solutions to generational poverty, it’s just that nobody is all that interested in solving it, at least among the political establishment. And the news organizations can’t be bothered to report on what one poor person does to another with a gun, heaven forbid they are a person of color.


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