Security lines snaking out the airport, and the TSA hasn't even finished its layoffs

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I have a solution that would make everyone happy. Don’t stop the layoffs, just keep them going until they’re all gone. Problem solved.


Is the linked article from 2004? Is this more relevant:

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The TSA is a throwback to the Soviet era, really.


In 2015 the FAA adopted a new flight control system called NextGen. NextGen was developed by defense contractors to allow for airplanes to be directed via satellite to allow for tighter approaches and take offs. Previous 5 min separation replaced by 2 min separation or less.Tighter separation equals more airplanes into and out of airports across the country resulting in more crowded airports. Defense contractors behind NextGen, Boeing and others, couldn’t be more happy. More air traffic equates to increased airplane sales. Airline companies couldn’t be more happy as additional flights are making them rich.

Enter TSA. Airports are now being maxed out due to increased traffic facilitated by NextGen. Already mismanaged and short staffed security checkpoints are backed up and getting longer and longer. It’s not just TSA that will be maxed out either. Airports are already experiencing increased delays due to unavailable gates as multiple planes wait to off load passengers. And the runway taxi lines get longer as well.

So, remember when you are standing in line trying to get trough the TSA checkpoint with 5000 of your new closest friends that the US Government is behind it all.

Oh and by the way, NextGen has rerouted air traffic over communities across the country in the name of efficiency resulting in new loud and low airplane super highways in the skies. 85 - 90dB (LOUD) are common and the FAA has stipulated they do not recognize individual noise spikes only aggregate samples over time.Communities and cities such as Phoenix, Chicago, New York, Washington DC and Alexandria, Va are suing or preparing to sue the FAA who refuse to make changes to the new flight paths. Entire swaths of communities are being drowned out by airplane noise. The resulting property value damage will be high.

Ain’t government great?!



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Looking at wikipedia, it appears most of the TSA’s funding comes from a per-passenger tax.

Given that security delays aren’t going to impact the numbers of passengers much if at all, and that staffing eats into profits, the profit motive would encourage the minimum service/staffing level they can possibly get away with…

Just one of the many examples of the profit motive being a terrible idea in certain areas…


Speaking as someone who pretty much walked straight through security the last few times I’ve flown out of London Gatwick, that’s awful. However, it’s worth pointing out that the line is moving at pretty much walking pace. At what point does a corridor become a line, become a queue?

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NextGen is not in the field at the current time. ERAM is the current system and it still uses radar to track airplanes. I wouldn’t expect GPS control of planes for 5-10 years.

The biggest problem in our air traffic is the lack of runways and/or new airports. Nobody (understandably) wants a new airport or runway in their backyard. You can only move planes so fast through an airport infrastructure regardless of technology. There’s only so may runways and bays available to handle planes once they’re on the ground.

In addition, air traffic looks pretty much like automobile traffic. Nobody (outside of freight) flies at night and as we approach 7-8am in each time zone the planes start taking off and the skies resemble any major city’s beltway. This is repeated again at the end of the day.


NextGen is fielded currently:

Everywhere it is fielded it is destroying communities for the sake of airline profit.

Very disappointed with your performance, Mr. Beschizza. Unsubscribed.


I live in one of the named air space corridors, less than 15 minutes drive from DTW. I have no friggin’ idea what you’re on about with this “destroying communities” business.


Then consider yourself extremely lucky because others are not so fortunate.

BTW Mr BeSchizza there is your real story.

You fail at reading comprehension. I am no man.


Take THAT, Terrorists!!!

Someone pass a measure mandating all members of the House or Congress to wait in these godawful lines. Maybe then they’ll abort the ludicrous fiasco that is the TSA/DHS


Oh yeah, those evil Capitalized Government types, not to mention those crafty Boeing traitors, are conspiring to use runways and approach paths more efficiently. What dastardly plan will they come up with next?!!

There is a problem here. It’s even a government-caused one. But it isn’t using runways efficiently. It’s the TSA, just like the headline says.


But but but LOOK at all those deadly shoes.


Not that I ever want to be in the position of defending the TSA in any way, but the crazy fashionista in me just has to point out that some shoes can be used as deadly weapons…

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Well, that’s shoes for industry.

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