Phoenix airport threatens to kick out TSA, hire private (unaccountable) contractors

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Aren’t the TSA already unaccountable? I could see private security/contractors as a potential improvement since they would have to show the rest of the country that they’re up to snuff and would likely be seen as a testbed to see if it’s viable in a post 9/11 security theatre setting.

Edit: was unaware sanfransisco already switched to private contractors that are… legally immune from accountability as asshats. That… kinda needs to change otherwise there is no incintive to not be dickheads.


private unaccountable v. public unaccountable


I wonder if the ultimately (albeit draconian) solution would be to massive de-incentivize carry-on bags by requiring airlines to drop the checked bag fees, but then institute a hefty Federal carry-on bag tax that would go directly to fund the TSA.


Maybe they could get G4S. Those guys did an awesome job with they Olympics,


You know, I would love to visit the USA as a tourist. I’d stay a long time, too. 4-5 weeks, bring a wad of cash, no problem.
But with the status quo -afraid to say- in my discriminating, easily frightened little mind, the US are only a touch ahead of Russia. Too much hatred, government sanctioned, or not; too many bigots, too many loonies and too much violent crime.
Sorry really, but I’d rather stay were I am where it is safe.


In complete fairness? I have friends in Canada that don’t want to visit because of how nutty things have gotten. On the other hand they’re also at least partially lebonese, so that probably also plays into it.


Some of us have even longer memories.


I feel that the fly-naked option is the best.

No carry on whasoever allowed. All items checked.



Thin but comfortable paper slippers will be distributed at the gate, colour coded by your security rating.

One square of microfiber measuring 6" x 6", also colour coded by your security rating, but using a different rating system, so that no passenger ever has matching slippers and squares.

Any passengers observed with coordinating slippers and squares shall be fired upon, so don’t hold any other passengers slippers or squares for them if asked.

The square shall not be used until after boarding. Terminals are standing room only.

Square use is mandatory after boarding.

Slippers are biodegradable paper, made from recycled squares, and are free, one pair per flight, but must be returned upon arrival. at your destination terminal.

Squares are $5.00 apeice, and reusable, but must be returned upon arrival at destination terminal.

Please fold your square such that residual material from use is folded inside -before- handing your square to the attendant security agent.

Your residual material from usage shall be harvested and used to add DNA identifiers and preffered menu selections to your passenger profile.

Frequent Flyers will be allowed preffered security boarding status after 5 samples have been collected. You must adhere to all current policies, but will stand in line with other Frequent Flyers and be allowed to board several minutes before non-Frequent Flyers.

This isn’t a complete rendition of the passengers security policy manual for American Airlines that fell through a hole in the sky onto my lawn, but, as I understand it, these policies have improved civility on future flights.


Sorry really, but I’d rather stay were I am where it is safe.

Yes, that’s the very plan of the mongers of fear and division.

You’d have to come to see the 85% of us just rolling our eyes at the tiny sliver of a percent they put on your tee vee to scare us, and scare you away. That said, we don’t really need your cash or approval any more than you need ours. Exactly as much, really.

You can accept the loudmouths swinging hammers to drive wedges as the average Joe. It’s a free country, and we all have opinions and assholes.


I remember when they used to be called Group 7. Until 3 escaped.


So, go from public to private security? If anything could make the airport situations worse, this would be it.


Indeed, anything which would cause G4S to transfer all its operations to the US would get my full support (one of them tried to wipe me out on a roundabout the other day…if you’re in an accident caused by them their lawyers mean you will still lose out.)

Still, at least the Olympics chaos and calling in the Armed Forces did impress a lot of foreign visitors, though there was one woman officer who told a journalist “actually I’d rather be back in Afghanistan” .

[edit - OT, but I know the guy who was in charge of the “missiles on roofs” during the Olympics. He told me that they had a constant problem with people in the block of flats asking if they wanted tea, or saying they were going out for a takeaway and did the lads want one?
Perhaps this is what the TSA needs. Somehow their image needs to change to being friendly guardians of people’s safety. Perhaps the entire lot need to be sacked and replaced with people from the hospitality industry. Who are paid properly for the first time. And have reasonable job security.]


Actually they were Group 4, and then they had to change to Group 4s when it was discovered they stopped working if they held a prisoner wrong and a new version had to be brought out in a hurry.


Depends what their directives are.

Efficiently get everyone on the plane in a timely manner and get rid of all the silly restrictions? Win.

Continue with Masterpiece Security Theater. Lose.


Unfortunately, they already have a US arm(‘G4S Secure Solutions’, formerly Wackenhut Corporation, though their private prison operations spun off and are no longer a subsidiary); with its own history of creepiness and incompetence(their…exemplary standards…in nuclear facilities security are a particularly shining example to us all). I suspect that they could afflict us in one more area without any interruption in their holy mission of assisting Team Tory in privatizing everything that moves no matter how little sense it makes.


I disagree. The situation with the TSA is bad enough, and they already lack accountability. I really don’t want to add another layer of being unaccountable via privatization. Not like I travel by plane much, but still.

But yes, the real solution here is to end security theater. Period. We shouldn’t have to jump through these kind of hoops to travel domestically especially.


It makes an awful lot of sense to the former MPs and relatives of MPs who get well paid jobs in these companies for doing very little. Remember David Blunkett? Home Secretary to consultant to private prison companies. Nice little earner.

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They’ll probably go with the give everyone an automatic weapon & tell passengers - if you see something, shoot something!

No screening needed. Though there might be trouble with passengers refusing to give them back after landing.


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