TSA employee to security theater skeptics: "You don't have shit for rights"


Naked fascism is always ugly. Accept the fact that the Oligarchs DO NOT LIKE OR RESPECT YOU, PEONS.

It will make it easier to Occupy, Nonviolently RESIST, Disrupt the System at its core and OVERTHROW when the time is right.


“I’ve redacted the commenter’s name and identifying details because I don’t want to make a scapegoat out of her/him. The issue here isn’t that one TSA employee feels this way, it’s that the entire organization operates as though this was its mission statement.”

So, now it’s okay for the guards to claim they were just following orders?


No. But when they’re high on life they think it’s okay to say “fuck you, we don’t give a shit.”


Is that why there’s so little Nazi-themed pornography?


You just need to refine your search terms…


I feel less like visiting America.


Well, that and the fact that you’re not going to top “Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS” anyway so why bother?


I had the pleasure of interacting with them a few years back after wearing a piece of clothing with wires on it into the airport. As my family were getting groped, I commented to my son “This is the land of the free.” The nice TSA lady said “Not any more.”

They eventually, cheerfully sent us on our way to the gate with eight high-power LiPo battery packs that could have caused quite a flaming disruption if plugged together. However, no one has tried anything with LiPo batteries, so they are considered safer than water.

I’d really like to know what that insider knowledge is.


“Try flying in Israel” where they do none of the weird things that the TSA does and whose security people are on record as not understanding what any of that has to do with real security.


No, it’s just safer to assume that they all would say this, not just that one guy.


Can somebody tell me if he is actually right about us not having any rights as far as the screening process?

This is exactly what I came in here to say. Classic ignorance on display.




The Law is that which is forthrightly brought forth and convincingly argued in court, not just the chapter-and-verse recitation of legal writ.

It’s going to take the back-&-forth of lawsuits to prove the illegality of our Neofascist Security Theatre, sadly. The mill of law grinds exceeding slow, but exceeding fine.


Whether or not it’s factual is almost immaterial. If the screeners have an institutional culture that says you have no rights, then the poor sap going through the screening doesn’t have any rights.

Try backing out of a flight once you’re in the screening line. When it’s your turn to be groped or have your carry-ons X-rayed, or whatever, try saying “You know, rather than endure this idiocy, I’ve decided not to fly today.” Then pick up your things and leave the airport.

Or rather, try to leave, because your decision not to be screened, even though you’re not flying, is like blood in the water for sharks.


“none of you have any idea what you’re talking about”

Maybe I just don’t understand how people use Facebook, but this really doesn’t sound like a private message directed to a friend?


I feel less like living here.


You can opt out of the machined screening. You can opt out of that screening in full view of other passengers.

But in order to get on a plane you must pass through some kind of screening. You have no rights regarding not going through the TSA process. That process can vary depending greatly on the personnel involved, but if you want to board a plane in or going to the US you are going through screening.

That said, private property or not your full rights as a US citizen are in full effect. You do not have to answer any questions. You do not have to show ID (if you are willing to provide other forms of identification http://www.tsa.gov/traveler-information/acceptable-ids). However, it generally makes the entire process easier.

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Well, he makes a good point. I wouldn’t want to degrade their ability to thwart attampts to bypass the system or be shot for percieved threats.