Paralyzed, partially deaf-blind teen with brain tumor beaten bloody by TSA


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None of them would comment citing the suit, but Sari Koshetz of TSA released a statement that said, “Passengers can call ahead of time to learn more about the screening process for their particular needs or medical situation.”

Are there any human beings that work for the TSA?

Replies to postings are repeating

And no one will lose their job.


^^ At the world this morning.


Someone probably told a TSA bureaucrat that empathy makes one vulnerable to social engineering. And now, it’s policy.


When will the TSA be classified as a terrorist organization?


I guess we will have to start accepting US citizens as refugees seeking asylum in the EU. I mean, nobody should have to live under such a brutally oppressive regime.


Happy 4th. :\


What kind of training do pseudo-law-enforcement officers like the TSA go through that switches off the thing in normal people’s brains that says “Possibly, this isn’t a good idea”?

And apparently replaces it with something that says “SUBJECT DOES NOT COMPLY. HULK SMASH SUBJECT NOW.”


There’s something deeper in this story that I hope to see come out during the progress of the lawsuit. Why ask for $100k? That is showing considerable restraint (a concept alien to TSA) on the part of the family and their legal team.


TSA, Thank you for leaving zero doubt & proving that you should be dismantled.


May I translate?


It’s great to know that the TSA is on alert and doing such a good job protecting us from terrorists like Hannah Cohen. She is clearly a crazed :cake: hell-bent on the destruction of Amerika. These quality recruits deserve their share of their boss’s monthly proficiency bonus.

Late edit: A moderator saw fit to edit my post and replace the words “Zionist whore” with a cake emoji. I feel like someone missed my point entirely. Thanks? I guess it’s bad when “they” censor things, but okay when BoingBoing does it.


And what good will that do anyway? It’s not like she’ll get to speak to the agents that will be screening her daughter to warn them ahead of time.


I’d normally consider the TSA to be untrained, but it looks like they’re actually getting police training now. That is to say, they’re being trained that any failure to comply with their authority, regardless of whether it’s from a teen with a brain tumor or a sassy grandmother who dares you to tase her, must be met with brutal force and no compassion.


Yes, this makes me want to know who exactly was getting rough. I’d guess it was an officer stationed around the periphery rushing in and performing according to his police training, rather than one of the agents ushering people through the scanner.

ETA: NPR this morning said local police provide curbside presence. I can’t remember if this is also true at the TSA checkpoint, anybody remember from flying recently?


Of course. Officials who might admit to the same sort of humanity exhibited by one General Dyer who, after having massacred a few hundred folk, suggested that since the hospitals were open, the wounded need only apply for help.



It has come to such a pass that we should train (I started by typing re-train, but…) the police like doctors. First do no harm. Then seek to maximize safety. Only then can you… something something… Three laws of something or other should work brilliantly!


Friend of mine used to work for the TSA in grad school. Said that yearly you had to pass the basic competence exam that you took to be hired. Based on that alone, they had a 40% yearly turnover. Not the best and brightest staffing the checkpoints.