Trump's shutdown: LaGuardia shut, Philadelphia and Newark airports limping

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Don’t worry, America, Air Force One is doing just fine!


Elaine Chao, Sec. of Transportation and Mrs. McTurtle, could direct the FAA to hobble and or close DCA, the personal airport of congress critters and senators alike, thereby holding the airport hostage with ending the shut down as ransom.

As we can see having flight issues, delays and cancellations really pisses people off. Especially the privileged ruling class.



I’m supposed to be flying from Burbank to Oakland today for the Grand Reopening of the Public Domain at the Internet Archive and I’m getting really nervous.

I don’t blame you. I have a flight from a NYC-area airport in the near future and I’m worried as well. You’ll probably be a little better off flying out of a small airport like Burbank, but it will be interesting to hear your experience.


Check the TSA’s website for your particular airport to see what the security wait times are like. I recently flew from Austin to Tulsa and the wait times both ways were minimal, if anything they were normal but i was supremely worried as well before my trip. Google something like TSA Wait time at “X” airport


But even with the effects of Trump’s shutdown mounting and multiplying, our legislators continue to try to please His Orangeness.

Stop trying to appease him. Let him lie on his procrustean bed and have his reach shortened.


We are going to Vegas in February. Fingers crossed Logan & McCarran are fully functional then.

I keep asking friends and family about all the winning. Most of them shrug and reply “none of this effects me, so I’m fine with it” Jackasses.


Again, this shutdown is not a bug but a feature of this administration and their 30% followers.

And with the legislators on the right falling into line with 45 including those that were more outspoken… Me thinks blackmail is afoot!


There was a story this morning on the radio where a small town mayor was saying this is proof that we don’t need so much government. It’s been shut down for a month and life goes on.

Annoying the reporter apparently didn’t remind him that it’s only still going because people are working for free and inertia. The effects are going to continue to get worse as maintenance doesn’t happen, projects that need government input hit their windows, and workers literally can’t come in anymore because they’ve run out of money for things like gas and food.


This would explain much about Lindsey Graham and Jeff Flake.


Exactly this. It isn’t effecting them…YET. But it will. There are only two groups of people that the shutdown and Nostradumbass’s moronic administration will never ever touch: The ultra rich 1% and Alaskan Bush People that live completely cut off.


Closure has been lifted at LaGuardia as-of this post.

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I’d think that this situation, if nothing else, would hit the typical Cult-45 voter, since white males with college credentials likely are disproportionately represented amongst business travellers (even more in the subset of ones with a large sense of entitlement).

That said, the Know-Nothing 27% are mostly spite voters who just want to make sure that the “liberal Coastal Elites” are as miserable as they are, so their cheerleading offsets any grumbling on the part of the other 22% who voted for Il Douche.


My only problem with trying to label the paradigms here is that these friends and family are a mixed bag…most do not have college degrees, but the ones that do have advanced degrees. We are also in the North east…so we are that “coastal elite”. Many of them voted for Nostradumbass because he WASN’T Hillary, others still because “He’s the Republican”, and one in particular because she’s a god damn contrarian and anarchist…she just wanted to see the “establishment” broken and burned to the ground and felt he would do that.

The paradigms and labels in most cases here do not apply beyond the age old “party lines”.


Perhaps. The media’s tried to make them into resistance heros because they both had personal tiffs with Trump (because Democrats can never be heros, and legitimate policy concerns can never be reported on), but these are two extremely bad people who have always been 100% behind Trump’s policies (in the very tenuous sense that Trump has a “policy”).

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That’s a factor, too. Politics as tribal sportsball.

Ah, “the worse the better”. Suggest she move to the wilds of Alaska for a year to see how much “better” it is to let the world burn.


So, are we about to find out how much clout the airline lobby really has?


She’s not but, the FAA could on their own. Those two bad people are never going to lift a finger to solve this particular problem. The airport(s) angle is definitely a tool that they could use as leverage. Not holding my breath.

A TSA walk out would be very effective.

Edit: BTW There is still still nobody in charge of the FAA. trump hasn’t yet appointed anybody.


If she had the choice…I guarran-fucking-tee she would. Except her husband’s cushy executive position (which doesn’t make them true 1%ers but does leave them living very VERY comfortably and she doesn’t have to work and can home school and such) wouldn’t exist if they lived that way.

It’s far easier to live in socio-economic comfort and bitch about how awful the system is; then to actually work to change it or turn your back on it.

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