How MTV created and killed Winger

I thought they killed the radio star.


I don’t think you need to find a reason for the death of this band in particular. So many of the American big hair bands came to a hard stop at around the same time, as an oversaturated market suddenly encountered the rise of grunge and alt-rock. Only the biggest of the 80s generation managed to survive the big taste change.


Agree. The structure of the song “Seventeen” is quite complex compared to other more traditional metal songs (the pedo aspect not withstanding).


I’ll have to skip this, as it’s from of Rock and Roll True Stories… I only watched on of their videos, and not only was it just factually incorrect (it was about Lou Reed’s commercial for Honda and about him being the first rock star to “sell out”), it was also full of transphobic bullshit about Reed’s partner Rachel in the 1970s. It consistently misgendered her for one. No thank you.


I haven’t read or heard anything about Reed and Rachel before (willful ignorance on my part?) and had to look up the story myself. The article I read stated that Reed, too, misgendered Rachel. As a half-white hetero cis-male, I find that Reed’s actions to be deplorable (and very sad).

I bring up my “credentials” not to prove anything, but to state that I feel those labels are absurd (or really the need for them are absurd). Yes they can be useful but what do they accomplish? I feel that I am no different from whatever my opposite would be - we are human (this statement, I realize, is problematic because my opposite might face a myriad of obstacles to make such a statement and for that person I am truly sorry).

I am also not trying to suggest that I’m giving whatever situation my “straight” blessing - more that I am trying to state that my beliefs and mores do not dictate how someone else lives their life, it merely influences (or in this case can influence) how I see that other person.

I am here on this earth to learn not to judge someone for their differences.

One of my partner’s favorite shirts is one that has “be a kind human” written on the front. I strive to make that shirt proud


That’s still no excuse for the people who made the video to do that. Full stop. It was transphobic from the creators.

I loved the man and his music, but the reality was, he was kind of an asshole when he was younger.

Generally speaking, I found that Reed video to be sensationalistic and not great history at all. Trash Theory tends to be a much better job at making videos that actual contribute to our understand of rock music history in a way that gets past the corporate vision of rock music. Rock and Roll True Stories seems like lean into the corporate narrative of rock music.


Ah yes, the Buggles, the cheezy one-hit-wonders – who joined Yes.

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You’re exactly right - no excuse. I didn’t mean to imply that I support transphobia when I omitted mentioning the video’s faults (haven’t seen it)

My entire point is that the channel is bad rock history and problematic in other ways, so I’m skipping this video. It was a general warning people who prefer their history to be more accurate and less sensationalistic. You may not care about such things, but I know others here do. YMMV, of course.


As another person already mentioned, this wasn’t your typical hair band as the players are each on hundreds of songs you know and would never expect. This was a cash grab band because they had the talent and the looks to do it and for a while that worked.

Kip Winger is an absolute insane bass player, go look at his discog and be blown away.

Also fun fact, Ray Parker Jr, the ghostbusters guy? Yeah also an insane session guitarist that cash grabbed. Big time in jazz circles.

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I saw red, and then I turned around and closed the door. I don’t think I’m gonna confuse Warrant for Winger anymore, although it remains a strong possibility for obvious reasons.

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You know, when I was a little kid, I listened to “I Feel Fine” on family road trips, and I always imagined—innocently, that this song to be about a dad who was really proud of his daughter.

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I don’t know if I’d describe them as cheesy. Their one hit may have been cheesy, but Drama, the album Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes joined Yes on, is one of my favorite Yes albums, second only to Fragile, and Horn and Downes wrote at least a couple of the tracks on that album. One of them, Into the Lens, they actually wrote as the Buggles before they even joined Yes.

(Sorry to sidetrack the discussion, but I’m a huge Yes fan)


I’m only tangentially familiar with Winger from “Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey”, but I think at least they did a good job there.

Winger - Battle Stations

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Worst Wham! cover ever…

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