How much does it cost to live in different cities around the world?


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Is there some sort of link associated with this? Thanks!


Sure would be nice to have a link to said site.


Looking at iamlindoro’s reddit account, appears to be


Ugh… go the website, doesn’t seem to want to work for me and insults me for not signing up for their mailing list… Ugh. Never mind. I don’t care that much how much it costs to live in another city…


Sure, other cities might be cheaper than mine, but mine has the advantage of being where my work, my home and my me are.


Are the staff not able to update their posts? It’s weird that there’s no link, yes?


Springfield MO is apparently the only place in the US where it’s comfortable for two people to survive on less than $2000 per month.


Yeah, but there isn’t a housing problem, right? I mean, builders are making a mint, as are people selling, so all’s right with the world! :wink:


It’s an interesting site, but there is no option for two bedrooms. It’s clearly not designed for me.


The tornadoes take care of the housing problem


…or so says some marketing ass somewhere…


I plugged in my budget and other details that should have brought up my city, and I got nothing. . . which confirms what I already knew: I should really move.


Yeah but then you have to live in Missouri… ewww.


Without bills from the U.S., I’m spending about $400 a month in Tijuana.
Of course, that’s with no A/C. But there’s always a nice breeze up here on the third floor.


Aren’t you from there?

I stayed in Springfield for a few days around 2000 or so. It seemed a nice enough place, but I don’t know if I’d want to live there.


Saint Louis for 26 years and that was long enough.


The site is the product of the guy’s blog, where he writes about creating passive (i.e. investment/savings) income and using that to retire (as in only work if you want to) abroad. The general rule of investment income is that you can withdraw about 4%/yr or 1/300th per month without it vaporizing on you over the long term.

He doesn’t go much into explaining it on the linked site, but the logic is that if you can save enough to get $X/month in passive income, you could live a lean/modest/opulent life in Y city without having to work unless you want to.

So far I can apparently live in a couple of places I really don’t want to live (Hyderabad, e.g.) but I can see the appeal of tracking where you might be able to live if your job goes up in smoke tomorrow and you don’t really want to get another one… Mangalore looks like a nice enough place to live, (based on my total ignorance of the place).


Why is the budget slider a range? Extending down to zero, at that. What’s the difference between saying my budget is $8000/mo and $0-8000/mo?

Edit: Oh, maybe it’s for contractors and the like, who don’t have a precisely predictable paycheck. Never mind! Seems it took me less than half a year to normalize the idea of earning the same amount of money every month, which is something that hadn’t been the situation for many years.


Crazy. I plugged in some details, and the website recommended the city I moved to 3 weeks ago. I guess we made a good decision!