How Russian investigative journalists working for precarious free press outlets exposed the "troll factory"

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They’re still alive?


I’ll save them some time in the thread.


What you talking about with Russian ‘troll factory’? No such thing would exist anyway. Bits me why Boingboing would glorify McCarthyism and promote lack of peace with Russian government.

There. Now I’ll hand things over to our own Useful Idiots.


I’m not Russian trolling, right now.


So the IRA worked to get an Orange elected. Strange times.


FWIW, the Atlantic Council is an offshoot of NATO :

(The US Atlantic Council listed is the source of the bb article.)

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It must suck to be a genuinely pro-Russian Internet commenter, having to convince everyone that you’re not a paid troll. The problem with paying people who express an opinion is that, if you get caught, you discredit everyone who was doing your work for free.


Oooh… sick burn dude.
There are trolls whose command of English is not absolutely fluent? Take that Putin.

I have agreed with this sentiment:

What this implies is that we were wrong to ever let it become uncool to fixate on bad grammar and slack syntax, no matter what the venue. It may be that sophists point out errant apostrophes while philosophers argue on the merits, but the not-so-good English that may have swayed an election should vindicate the grammar scolds among us. So scold on, pedants: It’s not just good again to pay attention to sentence fragments and dangling participles—it’s patriotic.


how the hell do you write that article without saying “shibboleth”?

minor details of speech - separating ingroup from outgroup since at least 1000 BCE


You are right. Lets check of what Radio Free Europe says!

Fixed. Slow down, man. You’re one of the better fake native English speakers around here, so don’t disappoint us by sounding like one of the clowns from the I.R.A.


It’s listed as an English-language source about the Novaya Gazeta investigation. Are you implying that they misrepresented the results of the Russian newspaper’s investigation?

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Just pointing out that this is a “think tank” like the Free Enterprise Institute or the Cato Institute.

or the Guttmacher Institute!
or EPIC!

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Or the Global Investigative Journalism Network, yet another Western-based advocacy and research org hellbent on promoting McCarthyism and defaming the noble, benevolent and legitimately elected leader of Russia on behalf of the U.S. military-industrial complex. They’re all in cahoots!

I didn’t study the whole list but they mostly have an agenda. Isn’t that the definition of “think tank”? Their “scholars” are not paid to produce stuff according to academic or journalistic standards. “Paid not to” might be more accurate.


Its my native language.

some criticism is here

The idea behind the RAND corporation, or the Brookings Institution, is that their reports would be rigorous, academically respectable, and ultimately of value to government and policy makers.

AFAIK, the government tried to suppress the Pentagon Papers because Johnson and Nixon didn’t particularly care for its conclusions.

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