How scammers are using AI voice cloning to trick victims into sending money

I mentioned this AI scam to my mom last night and she agreed with me that a passcode is great to have but even better is to have it prompted in such a way that it avoids a passcode being asked for in an obvious way. Kind of how you see in movies where spies have a conversational phrase that needs a specific weird answer.

Beyond that i doubt that an AI would be able to replicate my sense of humor. Whenever i speak with my mom i’m usually joking, making puns, etc so if she were to ever get a call from me when i’m all business with her she should be really suspicious.



Time to come up with code words and family members.

DAD: “Okay son, I’ll send the money, but first, what’s the secret identifying phrase?”

KID: “Banana for scale”

DAD: “Cool. The money is on it’s way. Please don’t kill any more diplomats.”


With a challenge and password system you embed the password in a sentence with other plausible password-words. In the sentence “The budgie yells at the baboon every fortnight”, only one word in the chain may be the password. But if you were to overhear “I sure could use a baboon right about now” it would be more obvious. You can also have a duress password, for use in circumastances where you fear your challenge or password has been breached.

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… the password is “never ever wire anybody money, especially if you think it’s me”


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