Streamer wastes scammers' time on an unprecedented scale

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When I’m visiting my mother I occasionally like to pick up her landline to mess with the inevitable scam caller, but this takes it to another level beyond my “confused old man who sounds like Droopy Dawg” routine. The best part is that these pranksters actually end up helping others in the course of making the pond scum jump through ridiculous hoops.


“Can I just put you on hold?” is my brother’s favourite technique.


That was great!
I don’t really understand this stuff, so the first 15 minutes or so I was kind of thinking, “how do you know these guys are scammers, though?”
(And, it is all guys.)
But he really brings it home in the last 3 minutes. Doing some good work!


Did NOT expect this video to make me tear up!


Scammer Scamming sounds like a good role for ChatGTP.


It’s only a matter of time before the scammers realize they can effectively scale up by using AI, and then it’ll be just bot wars - automated scammers and anti-scammer countermeasures, like some cyberpunk story.


Ya know, the scammer was actually kind of right about the image of the nuts in the bucket, because that itself is a scam IRL. They sell these in Tijuana to tourists leaving TJ and heading back home…it’s a bucket with a layer of fruit and nuts that doesn’t extend below the lip of the bucket. It’s not full. :man_shrugging:

Anyhow, I love how they’re wasting their time.

Happy Tom Hiddleston GIF


New phrase on me, stealing it and using it.
Thanks @knoxblox


I love this! It’s a BusyBox for scammers.


Certainly generating scam and phishing text is one of the few current use cases for it anyway.


That was a bit to long to watch IRT, so I went for 2x - and did not get why real scam victims would call into that scammer-scamming phone sytem?


The scammer was already baited and hooked with previous interaction.

This video picks up when the scammer thinks they got the victim to go to the Bitcoin ATM, buy the scammers their bitcoin, and then the scammers are ready to redeem the wallet address off the bitcoin ATM receipt.

Instead of real bitcoin, the scammers now get to deal with Kitboga’s new Bitcoin redemption company designed to waste their time.


Yeah, I got that. But at the end, they said that they had scamming victims calling the line and directed them to the local people who would help them.

this is great . my latest reply to scam calls offering web services is to explain that I need live it support and I would willing pay you see I have a job interview for a position as a webpage designer but I don’t know anything about designing webpages or computers at all really. So! I want to hire you to listen in on the interview over the phone while I wear an earphone and help give me the answers I need to get hired… around here they hang up if I don’t need to explain it again .

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