How a couple of guys shut down a scam call center in Delhi

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Bookmarked for when I can have a tub of hot buttered popcorn handy!




The No Reply podcast did a great job unmasking a similar scammer, eventually bumping up against dangerous Indian organized crime folks.
Highly recommended!


My favourite genre is scambaiters fucking with scammers for hours just to make em lose their mind and break in tears.

Of course, my favourite scambaiter is Kitboga and his delightful old lady routine. It is really fun because he explains clearly every part of the scam and has lots of resources to make the scammer lose their temper.


As a long time Windows-avoider, I’m just gob-smacked at how easy it was for Mr. Browning to stay logged in and wandering around their systems, with a GUI, no less. It would seem that knowledge of security holes for exploitation doesn’t map to knowledge of plugging said holes.


If this were any other kind of crime being busted, these would be vigilantes, and we’d ask what the legitimate authorities were doing about the situation.

That it’s been thirty years now without any sort of unified efforts to curb this stuff… It just must not matter that much, I guess.


Popcorn prepared, video watched…

Oh Yeah!

I’m atheist, but this fellow is doing God’s work!

FWIW, I subscribed to the channel also.

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It’s simple. He leaves something juicy like passswords.txt, or nudes.jpg that has a RAT payload, and when they steal it he has access to their machines.
He never shows this (as it’s illegal) but I’ve seen less sensible scam-baiters doing exactly this.
Nothing to do with windows, there are “commercial” RATs for Mac and Linux as well as other less public loopholes.
It is laughable how bad these so called tech support people are with regards to security, or even basic computer usage

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Kitboga’s most recent one was a 4 hour marathon of madness, with singing, rap battles and much hilarity. Well worth a watch of the Youtube edit. Still an hour long but worth the time


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