Tech support scammer logs into target's computer only to see photo of self there waiting for him

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I love how he starts out trolling these guys and then turns it into a serious investigation and then actually gets the guy to 'fess up everything. I am full of admiration for his approach and his technique.


I’ve been following Jim for quite a while, also observing the fight and innovation against robo/advertising-calls in the US and feel so blessed to live in a country where these are pretty much non existent.
The last advertising call I got was back in the land-line days in the early 90’s, and already then by asking the caller to not call this number again they would stop calling you …

The work Jim does is both priceless and sadly probably only a drop of water on a hot stone considering the lack of help from authorities in India.


I love what this man does. It’s a public service

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“He’s scamming you from inside the house!!!


might be a misunderstanding, but I do not have a US number, neither did I imply to live in the US …

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