Turning the tables on tech support scammers

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I’m impressed that he took the time to set up a VM and then hack into their servers. Usually I just jerk them around for a bit, pretending to be a confused and concerned old man, before laughing at them for being such incompetent criminals and then hearing some pretty funny attempts at insults in broken English.


Back when I used to get calls like that I also liked to drag them on as long as possible just to see how long they would put up with me.
Interesting that in the video, the scammer just keeps talking and denying any wrongdoing when he could have just hung up.

I did find that some of them do have a limit.
One time after dragging them on for 10-15 minutes and the guy realized I was just messing with him, he started swearing at me and telling me I was a motherfarker and I agreed with him.
I told him, yes I was a motherfarker and I loved it. I then told him I was going to find HIS mother, seduce her and then stuff her into a cow which would then be cooked and served to her family.

He got very quiet.
And then he apologized for making comments about my mother! He seemed sincere.
I told him I would accept his apology and then asked for his mother’s phone number.


Part of the macho interplay between the scammers, all in the room together panicking.


Satisfying in many ways, but also heartbreaking to see that check written out for nearly $1000 in what looks like old-person’s handwriting.


hi jim…if you want i can help you in filing a complaint against these assholes…i am also from jammu and kashmir…because of these assholes, people who are genuine cannot work…my email is pkaul686@gmail.com…please get in touch as i know thousands of these scammer addresses and want to shut them down…lets make a team and crack these nutheads

just for the calling card shop…
I’d like to see a professional cast with the usual
accent credentials with briefs etcetera

still don’t want the leg pulled too far though

And the Indian police raid the business, seize the equipment, arrest the perpetrators, and refund the victims money. Right?

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I was inspired by this story. I just got an unsolicited text message from a company called maven.co and it took me about 30 seconds to find the home number of the CEO and call him up while he was having breakfast to tell him to stop spamming my number. Okay, not really the same thing, but it was fun.


How does he get into their machines? :thinking:

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My guess: these clowns are probably as diligent and competent in administering and securing their own servers as they are with their phone scams.

I understand why he’d want to leave that part intentionally vague, but posting a very detailed guide would be some pretty good activism.

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